Ferris Wheel Quilt

This gorgeous Ferris Wheel quilt was pieced by Donna. Seriously, what an awesome quilt.
The quilt pattern actually comes from the book It's a Circus, I love how bright and cheery it is. 
Donna was visiting Utah a while back and she, along with her friends brought me several quilts to machine quilt. I machine quilt quilts for so many wonderful women who I never get to actually meet in person so it was fun to actually meet Donna in person. :)
Donna asked me to custom machine quilt her quilt, she didn't have anything in particular in mind, she just wanted it to be beautiful. So I had my way with it and I love how it turned out.
Thanks so much for letting me play with your beautiful quilt Donna!


  1. Wow! Natalia you did an awesome job on this one! Gorgeous quilt.

  2. It is absolutely stunning Natalia!!! All of that pebbling must have taken forever, but it was totally worth it. The final result is just amazing!!

  3. How is your upper back doing?? So worth it though, it looks fantastic!

  4. Your quilting really added to the overall beauty of the quilt.

  5. *LOVE* the quilt, *LOVE* the quilting! So cute!!! Well done!

  6. Absolutely amazing quilt! Gorgeous!!

  7. Wow! I love the quilt and I love the quilting.


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