Swoon for Genny!

Genny pieced this adorable version of the popular Swoon quilt, I love her version, it's so cheery!
When Genny brought me her quilt she told me I could machine quilt it however I wanted, she just wanted custom machine quilting. I remembered seeing one that Angela Walters had machine quilted and I loved the way she quilted the background, so I took inspiration from Angela and added in a little bit of my own ideas and this is the final result! I love it!
Of course, here is the photo eye-candy, how could I not take a bunch of pictures of this quilt!
As I was finishing up the machine quilting yesterday the light was shining just perfectly through the studio window, how could I not get a photo of the cool texture in this quilt!
And...the backing, sometimes solid quilt backs are my favorite! I love when they become almost as awesome as the quilt top!


  1. I love the Swoon block I keep saying I am going to make a swoon quilt. Seeing the awesome job you did on Genny's I know I will be doing it soon. Another beautiful job of quilting this one.

  2. LOVE how you quilted this...the texture is fabulous!

  3. Love this quilt and the quilting is just fantastic!

  4. Swoon is a beautiful pattern, and this top is stunning - made even more so and totally brought to life by your incredible quilting. Just love it!

  5. Wow. I just purchased your Free Motion Quilting book 30 minutes ago. Will I be able to do what you do when I finish reading it? Lol. Wish me luck!

  6. Gorgeous, Natalia!! You are such an inspiration. Am getting a new machine today! And I have your book handy so I can practice, practice, practice, then attack the laundry basket full of flimsies on my closet floor. You have such vision when it comes to machine quilting. I hope I can build upon my skills and do a quarter of what you do someday!

  7. Just stunning. I can't wait to get started on my own Swoon quilt. I know that I'll be referring to this one when it comes time to quilt it.


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