Fall Quilts

These quilts turned out sooo cute and make me feel soo guilty! These blocks were all made by different people then we rotated to create this cute sampler. Well I made the Buggy Barn Flower, but still haven't put my top together... Maybe some day soon since it's now been almost a year:)


Another Busy Week

Another busy week in my little quilting world:) I got all of my friendship blocks back and they turned out so cute! Thanks so much ladies for helping me! My machine is sick but as soon as I get it back from the repair man I will be finishing the rest of the blocks:) I also quilted a few quilts. A couple in particular are going to be displayed in a little store in Midway called Seasons of Home. If you happen to be over there check them out. I think the quilting turned out so cute! Snowman Quilt I have to show how cute the snowflakes that I quilted into it look:) And a girly quilt. Cute close up. I used a variegated thread that I think turned out so cute:) Fun Fun!


Cute Quilts

Look at all of these super cute quilts that I've quilted this week:) This one is for a boy and I think it turned out sooo cute! I've quilted a few quits that are this same pattern lately. Just different colors. I loved the colors that she used on this one, This one (the one below) is one that will be donated to the "Quilts for Cancer" part of the Utah Quilt Guild's charity project for the year. I think it turned out really cute:) I think the back turned out almost as cute as the top. I love that this quilt is so simple but turned out really cute! Have to show the close up quilting:)


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Seems like I'm always unpicking something. I hate doing it and my husband always gets mad because he thinks everything is just fine. Anyways I've always done it with my little scissors. Today I splurged and got a SEAM RIPPER. These things are amazing! I love this thing! In fact they are so cool I am now selling them on our website. Check it out they are only $2.75 and it has a nice big handle so it's easy to grip. Also check out the newest patterns and books.


Wasatch County Fair

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. THE FAIR! I have always looked forward to this week and it's already here again. My mom & Whitnee entered a few quilts in the quilt show and they got blue ribbons on all of them! Whitnee made this one to match her new house, she started with a pattern called Zig Zag Shangri La (which you can buy on our website) and changed the borders and made it bigger to fit on her bed. She did a really good job! I was really impressed because the pattern says it's an advanced quilt and she's only made a few quilts before! Good job Whit! My mom was being really creative and decided to make this "Pumpkin Patch" quilt. She designed the pattern and pieced it. I quilted it and helped with the binding. It was fun to learn how to do the scalloped borders. Whitnee had made designed this pattern and pieced this quilt for Lexie. I think she did a really good job! Last but not least this was my mom's round robin 2008 for the Heber Valley Quilt Guild. She did the center block, then Kazuko King did the first border, Brenda Wilcox did the windmill border and Michelle Murdock did the last border. I think it turned out so cute!
Good job girls, now onto our "Winter Strips"! I am so excited for this project:)