Patterns Have Arrived

Check out our website cute patterns and books have arrived!

The Cutest Charm Quilt

I just have to post this cute Charm Pack Quilt because I think it's the cutest way I've ever seen a Charm Pack put together! I also love that it's for a baby girl:) Love, Love, Love!


I can finally share:)

We made these quilts quite a while ago but I haven't dared share until now. Because they were both for my sisters new baby and I was nervous she'd look at this and see before the shower! I pieced and quilted this one. Then Whitnee designed the pattern, pieced and I quited this one! I think they are both so cute she's definitely one spoiled baby already!!!

~*~This one is also one of the cute kits that we will be selling soon our our website! So check it out!~*~


Busy.. Busy.. Busy

I've had a very busy quilting week! I had so much fun quilting! These two were two of my favorites yet very time consuming. I love applique so of course I absolutely loved this one. The quilt below was very fun to quilt also because I used my newest pantograph, Wall Flower. Look close and you can see how much detail there is. Because the quilt was 102"X102" and the quilting was so detailed it was quite time consuming but well worth it!
I also spent a little time updating our website! Yay two new pages, one with quilting awards and one with pictures of quilts that we've quilted! Check it out!

Two Quilting Awards This Month:)

This month I entered my quilt "Daisies & Lattice" in two different quilt shows. The first one was at the Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah, there were about three hundred quilts in the show. The only award that was to be given out was the Viewers Choice Award. Everyone that visited the show was asked to vote on their favorite quilt. Guess what I won, The Viewers Choice Award! This weekend is Steele Days in American Fork, Utah. I decided to enter this same quilt in this show. I am so excited because when I walked in it is displayed right in the front and it won Best of Division for Custom Quilts! Yay! It makes me feel so good that all of my hard work is paying off:)


More Runners

Whitnee was a part of our quilting marathon but with her school and work it took her a little bit longer to get her runners complete! She used two charm packs from the Moda collection "Fresh Squeezed" and they turned out so cute:)


Friendship Block

This month was my turn to hand out the friendship block. I chose this pattern called "Birthday Presents". I love the colors and am so excited for everyone to help me!

Recycled Quilt

**This is for you all of my fellow quilting marathoners! **
I got mine all pieced and quilted.
When we had our quilting marathon we decided to make a circle quilt. I wanted mine to be the "Recycled Quilt". Everyone had to bring circles, just random sizes and prints. Since it was so random I decided to not purchase any prints. I used all scraps. The circles are all appliqued on and then I added the saching to finish it off. To go with the recycled theme I used the Quilters Dream~Green~ Batting. This particular quilt used eight recycled plastic bottles to make the batting. I had so much fun and will always look at this quilt and remember the great memories. There are prints from dresses that my mom made for me as a child, prints from quilts we've all made, prints from projects and somewhere there is even a print from my mom's Brides Mades dresses. I cannot wait to see how you girls put yours together!


Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts

Here are a couple of really fun quilts that I've quilted recently. Both of these have inspired me in so many ways. One of my favorite things about machine quilting for others is to see how creative people are. I quilted little circles all over this little boy quilt and it turned out so cute! I am so impressed by people that actually get their "sampler" quilts put together. I've got one that's been sitting on the shelf for quite some time now and this one may have just inspired me enough to get mine put together. This little cherry border turned out so cute. I loved so many of the blocks in this quilt but I think this basket was one of my favs.