Locket - An AGF Stitched FREE Pattern

I'm so in love right now, last week I gave my master bedroom a little make-over and I love it! I swear I give it a make-over every couple of months, but when you're a quilt maker you can do that, right?

This new quilt is called Locket, and it's a free Art Gallery Fabrics Stitched with Kimberly pattern.


Hand Applique - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Emmy made this beautiful hand applique quilt. Emmy is my grandma, and I remember watching her carry these beautiful blocks around with her as she hand stitched each one of them. They are beautiful and her work is amazing!

Emmy has always loved hand quilting, and the hand quilted look, so when she asked me to machine quilt this gorgeous quilt I knew that it needed to have a hand quilted look.


American Stars - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Ilene made this beautiful version of American Stars. The pattern for this quilt is from our book, Modern One-Block Quilts
When Ilene sent me this quilt I immediately knew that it could have some cool custom machine quilting.


Scrappy Star - Edge to Edge Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

My friend Cat has spent most of the past year busting through her UFO's! I think this is a pretty awesome feat that most of us quilters can't seem to tackle! :)

How to: Floating Plus Quilt Block - Basics Quilt Block Tutorials

Today's BASICS quilt block tutorial is the Floating Plus Quilt Block.


Cacophony - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

My friend Tina Lewis designed and made this gorgeous Cacophony quilt a few months back. She sent it to me and asked me to custom machine quilt it for her.

Tina has such a cool way of designing patterns, and her piecing and applique is perfect so it's always such a joy to machine quilt her quilts.

How to: Shoofly Quilt Block - Basics Quilt Block Tutorials

Today's BASICS quilt block tutorial is the Shoofly Quilt Block.


Primrose Flower - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Kathy made this beautiful quilt as a Christmas gift. 
The pattern for the quilt is called Primrose Flower and it's published in Fat Quarter Style.

How to: Half Square Triangle Quilt Block - Basics Quilt Block Tutorials

Today's BASICS quilt block tutorial is the Half Square Triangle.

Now, I know there are about a bajillion ways to make a half square triangle. The method I'm sharing today in this tutorial is just one of many methods, but it's the method that I prefer.


Introducing - BASICS - 30 Basic Quilt Block Tutorials

I'm excited today to introduce you to my newest tutorial series - BASICS - 30 basic quilt block tutorials. 

Back in January, I started my first quilt block tutorial series, 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks. I had a lot of fun creating those tutorials. so a couple months later I created a second quilt block tutorial series, 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks - Star Version

Over the next 30 days I will be sharing a new tutorial tutorial series. This time I've decided to share the basics. Basic Quilt Blocks.

Each day, for the next 30 days, I'll have a new block tutorial, with instructions for 6", 9" and 12" blocks.

If you'd like to join me and make these quilt blocks, make sure to share them on social media, tag me @nataliabonner on instagram and use #pnq30quiltblocks

I hope you have fun with this series!

How to: 9 Patch Quilt Block - Basics Quilt Block Tutorials

Today's BASICS quilt block tutorial is the 9 patch.


Sewing With Nancy - Cabin Fever Quilts Part 2

Hey friends! This week my second episode of Sewing With Nancy will begin to air. Yesterday, although I had already watched the first episode online, I watched it again here in Utah on TV. 

This whole experience has been such a great, humbling experience and I cannot tell Nancy and her staff enough, thank you for having me on the show and letting me share our quilts with you!


Easter Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Nancy has recently started designing some adorable quilt patterns and I've been having fun custom machine quilting her quilts for her. This is another one of her adorable quilts, and the pattern for it will be available soon. Check out Nancy's blog for more details.


Edge to Edge Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

April made this darling scrappy quilt and sent it to me for some fun edge to edge machine quilting

I decided to use a pattern called Marmalade by Leisha Farnsworth for the machine quilting pattern and I just love the soft flowing pattern that it adds to the quilt.


Sewing With Nancy - Where to Watch

My first episode of Sewing With Nancy, Cabin Fever Quilts, has started airing on PBS around the United States. Check your local PBS, here in Utah the first episode will air in about a week. 
I also found the first episode online here.

Don't forget, Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts is on sale for just $17.00 until December 10, 2015.


Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts - Sewing With Nancy

A few months ago I had the opportunity of a life-time. I was able to travel to Wisconsin and spend a couple of days with Nancy Zieman. Nancy was every bit as great in person as I had imagined she would be, and the Sewing With Nancy TV set was exactly like it looks on TV.

Nancy and I filmed a two part series on modern log cabin quilts. In the  TV segment we show you step-by-step how to put together several of the quilts from our book; Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts.


Custom Machine Quilting a Modern Quilt - by Natalia Bonner

Nancy designed and made this super cool modern quilt. 
When she sent me this quilt I got so excited to quilt it, it's so cool and modern and could really have some great machine quilting. Nancy left the quilting up to me but she did like the idea of concentric circles and straight lines. 

I knew that the quilting needed to be crisp, clean and nothing frilly.


Metro Rings - Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

April made this adorable Metro Rings quilt. I love this pattern, it's such a fun play on the traditional wedding ring quilts. 

April is giving this quilt as a wedding gift, and really wants the quilt to be loved and used, so she asked me to machine quilt it with an edge to edge floral pattern. As much as I love custom machine quilting, I do think that sometimes a good edge to edge pattern can be the perfect choice for a quilt.


Yellow & White Quilt - Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

There is just something so awesome about a good yellow and white quilt! I think solid yellow and white is my all time favorite color combination! 

When April sent me this quilt and asked me to machine quilt it with an edge to edge pattern I knew immediately that a baptist fan would be perfect!


Fat Quarter Baby - Introducing Katherine!

I love making baby quilts, they are fast, and always give me that sense of instant gratification that sometimes I just crave.

My friends over at It's Sew Emma & Fat Quarter Shop have just released an adorable new book, Fat Quarter Baby. Each quilt in the book is a baby quilt made from just fat quarters, how cute is that!


Sewing for Kids - Simple Pillowcases

As I child my siblings and I had Christmas pillowcases. I remember every year when we got out the Christmas decorations we would get out our Christmas pillowcases. I still remember what mine looked like! I really don't know why, but that pillowcase was/is one of my favorite Christmas memories. 

At Halloween time I made my kids matching Halloween pillowcases, you can check those out over on Instagram, they loved them. They showed them to everyone that came to our house, so at that time I decided it would be fun to make them Christmas pillowcases. They actually wanted Thanksgiving pillowcases too, but I thought that was a little extreme, maybe next year.

Anyways, last week I picked up these darling Riley Blake Christmas fabrics at my local quilt shop, Quilted Works. I wanted to make their pillowcases with coordinating fabrics to eliminate fighting, I'm sure some of you can relate. :)

I used the Crafty Gemeni's YouTube tutorial to make the pillowcases, I know, I've made enough of them that I shouldn't need a tutorial, but it's just a nice little reminder. :)

Oh, and I tried really hard to take a good picture of my kids....this was the best they could do! 


Marie Callender's Dutch Apple Pie + A Chance to Win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

I love Apple Pie, like, I love it a lot! If it weren't for Pumpkin Pie I might say it is my favorite food! Have you seen or tasted the Marie Callender's Dutch Apple Pie? It's awesome, just like home cooking. 


Northbound - A Low-Volume Quilt Tutorial

My local modern quilt guild, Red Rock Modern Quilt Guild, recently issued a Low-Volume quilt challenge. I was pretty excited about this challenge and couldn't wait to get started. Even though I'm not much of a "stasher" I do have a few fabrics that are left over from quilts I've made that I've just been dying to use. You all know that I love brights, so I knew that the combination of brights and the low-volume fabrics would be the perfect combination for my quilt.

I had the idea in mind to make flying geese, but I wasn't quite sure what the layout would be. I just wanted to go with what I had. I did pick up a few low-volume prints from my local quilt shop, Quilted Works, but other than that, the fabrics are all leftovers.


Gravity Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

I just finished custom machine quilting this gorgeous Gravity quilt for Laura! I've loved this pattern ever since I first saw it so I was thrilled when Laura asked me to custom machine quilt hers for her.

The Gravity quilt pattern is originally designed as a block of the month quilt by Julie of Jaybird quilts, you can read more about the pattern here.


Flea Market Flower Pot - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Donna made this beautiful flower pot quilt and sent it to me for some custom quilting. A few months back I custom machine quilted a quilt from the same pattern from Nancy and I loved how the cross-hatching that I quilted turned out, so I decided to quilt Donna's quilt the exact same. :)


Next Steps in Machine Quilting - by Natalia Bonner

Yesterday my advance copy of my upcoming book; Next Steps in Machine Quilting: Free-Motion & Walking-Foot Designs arrived. I am so excited about this book. Ever since writing Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting I've known that I wanted to write another book on machine quilting. However, the timing just didn't feel right.

A year or so ago I finally felt like things were right and I began the process of writing this book. I will never forget the day that my contract was signed. This is my fourth book, you'd think I'd be used to this fun stuff by now, but I'm not. I signed the contract, then went in my bedroom and cried like a baby. I was overcome with emotion. Not stress, or negative emotion, emotion of gratitude, emotion of thankfulness. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you that have purchased my books, that have come to my classes, read my blog, just supported me. Thank you! Really, if it wasn't for the support of such an amazing quilting community I could have never done any of this.


Hawaiian Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

I recently custom machine quilted this gorgeous quilt for Carole. Carole lives in Hawaii so I think it's only fitting that the first quilt that I quilted for her is the beautiful Hawaiian quilt.


Custom Machine Quilting a Scrappy Quilt by Natalia Bonner

Kathy made this gorgeous quilt, it's actually only the third quilt that she's made, and she did a fantastic job!

Kathy sent me this quilt and asked me to custom machine quilt it for her, she gave me the go-ahead to quilt it however I wanted, but, it is going to be a gift for a special friend so she really wanted the quilting to be special.


Scrappy Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Over the past few years I've custom machine quilted several gorgeous quilts for Donna. Her piecing and applique skills never disappoint. 

This adorable scrappy quilt is another one of her beautiful quilts.


Cottage Blossoms - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

It's International Quilt Market time, that means one exciting thing, lot's of eye candy coming your way! My friend Vanessa from Lella Boutique has an adorable new fabric line coming out in the spring, Little Miss Sunshine, I love the colors and the prints in this line, but the patterns that Vanessa has designed to go along with this line are to die for.


Bow Ties for Days - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

My cute friend, Melissa from The Polka Dot Chair has created an other adorable quilt pattern featuring her fabric line, Derby Style. 

The quilt is adorable and big enough that it will eventually go on her daughters bed. 


Bloggers Choice Fabric Bundle - Giveaway!

I am so excited! My Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop is now in stock and available for purchase. I had so much fun combining Joel Dewberry, Tula Pink, Elizabeth Hartman and Vanessa Christensen, now I can't wait to sew something bright and cheery with these fun fat quarters. 

I'd love for you to sew something from these as well! I've teamed up with Fat Quarter Shop and today they're giving away one Fat Quarter Bundle!

So, how do I enter to win?!?!

Cupid's Arrow - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

I've been busy machine quilting quilts for Quilt Market so I feel like, even though I've been really busy I haven't had much I've been able to share with you. I just finish my last market quilt yesterday so I should be able to get back to sharing what I've been up to! :)

This adorable quilt is one that I recently quilted, and I had so much fun machine quilting it! 


By Small & Simple Things - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

The ladies at my local quilt shop, Quilted Works are always coming up with something fun and adorable. Their latest creation is this fun, By Small & Simple Things quilt. 

I had fun custom machine quilting it for them. The applique on this quilt is made from raw edge fusible applique, but what's really cool about their applique is that it's all laser cut so you just have to peel and press, no cutting out tiny applique shapes! So cool!


Machine Quilting - In the Studio with Natalia Bonner

I've often been asked, in the classes I teach or by quilting friends if they can just hang out and watch me quilt. I always have to laugh to myself, because it's such a huge compliment, but my sewing space is pretty small, and there's just no room. :)

So, while I was free-motion quilting a quilt recently I set up my tripod and filmed a few minutes of me machine quilting. 

I hope you like it!


Halloween Quilt - Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Jenn and her mom Tina recently made a couple of adorable Halloween quilts. I love that these quilts are Halloween quilts, but aren't the traditional Halloween colors.


Twisty - Modern One-Block Quilts

So, you know the saying, "chocolate is the way to a girls heart?" Well, since I don't really like chocolate (I know, I can hear you gasping through the computer screen) the best way to my heart is through quilts! I've told you a few times before about the adorable quilts that Paula makes for her grandchildren. She has been busy the last few years making quilts for each of her grandchildren. She lets them pick out the pattern and fabrics and then she makes them a quilt. I have had so much fun quilting these quilts for her, and I get so excited for her grandkids each time I see one of her adorable quilts. 


Quilt Festival - Fall 2015!

Have you all heard the buzz about International Quilt Festival? If not, you're really missing out! International Quilt Festival is held each year following Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, and this year is going to be another great year!

Wavelength (55” x 77”) by Rebecca Bryan. From the special exhibit “Modern Quilt Guild 2015.”

So, what is International Quilt Festival......


Welded - An AGF Stitched Free Pattern & a Give-Away!

Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop has teamed up again with Art Gallery Fabrics and created an adorable, quick quilt pattern, Welded. 
Kimberly asked me if I'd join her and make a fun version of this quilt. You know I love Art Gallery Fabrics, and a quick quilt, so I was more than happy to join in!

Bounceback Circles - Machine Quilting Video

Several of you have been begging for more videos over the last year, so here's the deal...my studio before was dark, I didn't have very good natural light, it was a great space but sometimes felt like a dungeon. Now that we've moved, I have a smaller space, but I have great natural lighting, so hopefully I'll get back into sharing quilting videos with you. 
I filmed this recently while machine quilting a border on a quilt, it's a fun border pattern, I hope you enjoy!


Americana Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Brittney & Ginger are a darling mother-daughter team that I met earlier this year. I've been busy the last few weeks quilting some amazing quilts for them. They've made a variety of quilts and when they brought them to me for some custom machine quilting they pretty much gave me the go-ahead to custom machine quilt them as I desired.


Custom Machine Quilting Swoon - By Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt

This week has been another great week, full of custom machine quilting on this gorgeous quilt!

MaryAnn pieced this beautiful quilt, then sent it to me for some custom machine quilting. She really gave me permission to quilt it as I desired. I have machine quilted several quilts for MaryAnn over the years, and we've often joked that I've never quilted any feathers for her, so my first thought was to quilt feathers. After thinking for a bit, I changed my mind, even though I really, really love feathers I just knew that ruler work would be the perfect fit for this quilt!


Sewing With Nancy!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days filming a couple of shows with Nancy Zieman. I know I've said this before, but sometimes I really can't believe that opportunities that quilting has brought into my life. I couldn't have ever dreamed that one day I'd have the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Nancy! I had a great time there, but I was so busy I really didn't take any pictures. Luckily for me, the awesome ladies that work for Nancy were there to save the day and took a lot of pictures. 


Custom Machine Quilting -Vines & Leaves by Natalia Bonner

Danielle made this adorable little applique quilt. I really wish I would have taken "before" pictures, the quilt was darling before, but it's just cool to see how machine quilting can really give a quilt life.

When Danielle sent me this adorable quilt she asked me to use green thread and quilt some leaves and vines and maybe add some detail to the flowers. I'm sure you all know by know that I love heavy quilting and I couldn't stop with just the vines and leaves, I just had to add more. :)


Gingerbread Village Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Even though things have been a little crazy here the last few weeks I have been able to spend some time quilting some adorable quilts.

I can't believe that Christmas will soon be upon us and the Christmas quilts are just as adorable as ever. This fun quilt is called Gingerbread Village and I custom machine quilted this quilt this past week for my local quilt shop, Quilted Works.


Making a House a Home

The last two weeks have been crazy! Hopefully I'm getting into a new normal routine and I'll be back to blogging.
To make a long story short, for the last several years my husband and I have been renting, working hard, saving money and looking for the right home for our family. 
In July we found the perfect house, a house that we felt fit our budget was the right size for a little family and had a little bit of space for me to still be able to work from home. 
In August we bought the house. After renting for the past several years it feels so good to be in our own home again. We are loving everything about our home and feel like we have found the perfect place for us.