We're going green.

So I hear so much hype about going green and I think to myself what can I do to go green? We try to drive our gas friendly car as much as possible, run the AC a little as possible, turn of the lights, etc... Then it hit me! I can GO GREEN with my quilting. Who would have ever thought!
This is a new batting that I 'm carrying and it's so cool!
Dream Green is an Earth-friendly batting that is TRULY Green. This soft, cozy batting is made completely from recycled plastic bottles - even the packaging is made from recycled products! Available in the select loft, this batting has a light green color. With no scrim or resins, Dream Green meets our highest standards of quality, function and performance.


Christmas in June!

Believe it or not the Christmas quilts have started to arrive! It seems like Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year but it's a fun change for a day. These two pictures just show the close up of the quilting, I did some really pretty pine cones and boughs, with holly berries and Ivie borders.


Family Quilting Marathon

We had a family quilting marathon this past weekend and it was so much fun! We got several queen sized tops all put together. Two quilts and five runners quited, 120 blocks appliqued, and several cut out for more projects! We had so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again. Even though I am ready to go to bed! Whitnee made this quilt for her friends baby boy. She made it in one day! She even designed the pattern herself! It turned out so cute! Good Job Whit! Taking a little break from the quilting
(notice that Grandma still has fabric in her hand, hehe)
Jeff was my helper, he would lay the fabrics together and then hand them to me to sew. The mountain of scraps that turned into our "Recycled Quilts".Ashlee learned how to use the long-arm machine. She did a really good job too! The five completed table runners, all five were made from one jelly roll. So much fun! I had fun and am more inspired to finish my projects! Thanks for the fun times girls!



This is the last Round Robin block for this year. Kathleen added the last border (the diamond shapes in the corners) and I think it added so much and turned out really cute!
Fun stars and loops on a cowboy quilt.
Just thought that the circles on this cute little Monkey quilt turned out really fun! See boy quilts can be cute:)