Welded - An AGF Stitched Free Pattern & a Give-Away!

Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop has teamed up again with Art Gallery Fabrics and created an adorable, quick quilt pattern, Welded. 
Kimberly asked me if I'd join her and make a fun version of this quilt. You know I love Art Gallery Fabrics, and a quick quilt, so I was more than happy to join in!

Bounceback Circles - Machine Quilting Video

Several of you have been begging for more videos over the last year, so here's the deal...my studio before was dark, I didn't have very good natural light, it was a great space but sometimes felt like a dungeon. Now that we've moved, I have a smaller space, but I have great natural lighting, so hopefully I'll get back into sharing quilting videos with you. 
I filmed this recently while machine quilting a border on a quilt, it's a fun border pattern, I hope you enjoy!


Americana Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Brittney & Ginger are a darling mother-daughter team that I met earlier this year. I've been busy the last few weeks quilting some amazing quilts for them. They've made a variety of quilts and when they brought them to me for some custom machine quilting they pretty much gave me the go-ahead to custom machine quilt them as I desired.


Custom Machine Quilting Swoon - By Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt

This week has been another great week, full of custom machine quilting on this gorgeous quilt!

MaryAnn pieced this beautiful quilt, then sent it to me for some custom machine quilting. She really gave me permission to quilt it as I desired. I have machine quilted several quilts for MaryAnn over the years, and we've often joked that I've never quilted any feathers for her, so my first thought was to quilt feathers. After thinking for a bit, I changed my mind, even though I really, really love feathers I just knew that ruler work would be the perfect fit for this quilt!


Sewing With Nancy!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days filming a couple of shows with Nancy Zieman. I know I've said this before, but sometimes I really can't believe that opportunities that quilting has brought into my life. I couldn't have ever dreamed that one day I'd have the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Nancy! I had a great time there, but I was so busy I really didn't take any pictures. Luckily for me, the awesome ladies that work for Nancy were there to save the day and took a lot of pictures. 


Custom Machine Quilting -Vines & Leaves by Natalia Bonner

Danielle made this adorable little applique quilt. I really wish I would have taken "before" pictures, the quilt was darling before, but it's just cool to see how machine quilting can really give a quilt life.

When Danielle sent me this adorable quilt she asked me to use green thread and quilt some leaves and vines and maybe add some detail to the flowers. I'm sure you all know by know that I love heavy quilting and I couldn't stop with just the vines and leaves, I just had to add more. :)


Gingerbread Village Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Even though things have been a little crazy here the last few weeks I have been able to spend some time quilting some adorable quilts.

I can't believe that Christmas will soon be upon us and the Christmas quilts are just as adorable as ever. This fun quilt is called Gingerbread Village and I custom machine quilted this quilt this past week for my local quilt shop, Quilted Works.


Making a House a Home

The last two weeks have been crazy! Hopefully I'm getting into a new normal routine and I'll be back to blogging.
To make a long story short, for the last several years my husband and I have been renting, working hard, saving money and looking for the right home for our family. 
In July we found the perfect house, a house that we felt fit our budget was the right size for a little family and had a little bit of space for me to still be able to work from home. 
In August we bought the house. After renting for the past several years it feels so good to be in our own home again. We are loving everything about our home and feel like we have found the perfect place for us.