Custom Machine Quilting -Vines & Leaves by Natalia Bonner

Danielle made this adorable little applique quilt. I really wish I would have taken "before" pictures, the quilt was darling before, but it's just cool to see how machine quilting can really give a quilt life.

When Danielle sent me this adorable quilt she asked me to use green thread and quilt some leaves and vines and maybe add some detail to the flowers. I'm sure you all know by know that I love heavy quilting and I couldn't stop with just the vines and leaves, I just had to add more. :)

All of the leaves and vines are quilted with green thread, this makes them pop. I quilted on each of the flowers with a light yellow thread, it's a great color because it blends nicely with the variety of flower colors. I thine filled in the background with echos, swirls and a few extra leaves and vines. I really love how this little quilt turned out.

I used Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe batting, it always creates such beautiful texture, but once it's washed it's really soft too.

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