How to: Clover Mini Quilt Tutorial - Sunday Stitches

I hope you've all had a great week! After last week's Clover Quilt Block tutorial I thought it'd be fun to share another St. Patrick's day tutorial. So, I've created a clover mini quilt. 
This little quilt is fast, a great use of scraps and a fun touch of color for St. Patrick's Day!
This mini will finish at 15" square.


Urban Churndash - Custom Machine Quilting

This week has been really fun! I always say that the one of the very most flattering aspects of my job is machine quilting quilts that are made from patterns that I've designed. There is just something about that, that makes my heart happy.

Joan made this adorable quilt from my Urban Churndash pattern. I had a lot of fun with that quilt, and sadly I hate to admit that I still haven't sewn my blocks together. Right now I'm a little bit jealous of Joan and wish this was my quilt to keep. :)


Think Big Pillow Collective - Equalizer

Hey there! Today I'm excited to share a fun pillow I recently made. 
A few years back I remember meeting a girl online, who lived in the same town as I. I was so excited to realize that she was into more of a modern style quilting and lived so close to me, at that time her blog was Park City Girl. Amy and I quickly became friends and she told me all about the book she was in the process of writing, her first book, Modern Basics. I was able to machine quilt all of the quilts in that book for Amy, I was so flattered. Over the years Amy and I have stayed friends and it's been so much fun to watch her continue to write books, patterns and design fabric. She's so inspiring.


Shabby Chic Meets Geometric Quilting - Custom Machine Quilting

This morning I finished up the custom machine quilting on this adorable baby girl quilt.
Lianne made this adorable quilt, when she sent it to me she asked me to custom machine quilt it for her, and she wanted a shabby chic with a little geometric look. 


Introducing: Sunday Stitches - A Weekly Sewing Tutorial

Ever since finishing up the 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks the wheels in my head have been turning. The 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks was inspiring to me, I learned a lot and I feel like my creativity really grew. I have wanted to continue the series, or do something like it, but didn't want to burn myself out. After a lot of thinking I have finally found an idea that I think will work great for me. I'm calling this series Sunday Stitches

How to: Clover Quilt Block Tutorial - Sunday Stitches

Hey friends! Welcome to my first tutorial in the Sunday Stitches series. With St. Patrick's day just around the corner I thought it would be fun to start today sharing a St. Patricks Day tutorial.

Filming with Jodie Davis for Quilt It!

Last week I took a little road trip up to Salt Lake. It's about a four hour drive for me, so Brayden (my 2 year old) and I loaded up the car and hit the road. 


Romance Quilt Block

I needed to make a quilt block for a little project I'm currently working on, and I don't have a ton of extra time on my hands right now, so I ran to my Piece N Quilt 30 Quilt Block Tutorials and decided to make the Romance block. It's so stinkin' fast and perfect for this project. 
I made the 12" version and then added 3 1/2" borders.
Love how it turned out!


Sew On and Sew On - Fat Quarter Shop's Snapshots Quilt Along

Hey there! I'm sure by now you've seen this adorable Sew On & Sew On block, I'm a couple days late in getting my block done this time. I've picked up some yucky stomach bug and been trying to rest so I'm feeling fabulous for my busy upcoming weekend. (I'll be at the Salt Lake City Modern Guild and filming some machine quilting videos with Jodie Davis for Quilt It.)


Be Attitude Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting

Last week I spent a couple of days machine quilting this adorable Be Attitudes quilt for Kathy, it's a gift for her grand-daughter, pattern is by Nancy Halverson of Art to Heart.
How stinkin' cute is this quilt.


30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks - A Sampler Quilt Tutorial

We've done it! We've made it through all 30 quilt block tutorials. Now you can sew those quilt blocks into a fun sampler.

How to: Idle Moments Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

You guys, I cannot believe it! The 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks has come to an end! I have shared a new quilt block tutorial here on the blog every single day of 30 days, it has been so much fun for me, I've grown so much creatively and I've been so flattered every single time that you've commented, shared your blocks and your progress. 

I'll be leaving the tutorials here on the blog, so you can refer back to them whenever you'd like. :)

I'm planning to continue this series, but most likely only once or twice a week. I'll be working on details and share about it when I'm ready to get going on more blocks! YAY!

I've also sketched up a sampler quilt using all 30 blocks, I'll share details and more about that tomorrow!

So, the final block is;
Idle Moments
It's a fun happy block, and for some reason the name "Idle Moments" seems quite fitting for a sew-along.


How to: Road to Tennessee Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Today's quilt block is:
Road to Tennessee

This block could be made more than one way, but since I know that a few of you are strictly making these blocks from your stash and your scraps I decided to write the tutorial for this block using half square triangles, that way you won't have any waste like you would with the stitch and flip method.


Custom Machine Quilting - Sharing some Quilting Ideas

Last week I spent a few days custom machine quilting this gorgeous quilt for Laura. Laura asked me to custom quilt this quilt for her, and just have fun with it. The quilt is gorgeous, and I knew it was the perfect quilt to play with and add in some secondary patterns created by the machine quilting.

How to: Romance Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

If you've been following along since I started this 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Block you know that this isn't the first heart quilt block, but with Valentines Day so soon I couldn't help myself! I've been fighting the urge to make another heart block every single day, and today I caved. So, you're getting another heart quilt block tutorial and when it comes time to put it together in a quilt, we'll I've got a little twist.

Today's quilt block is:


Fancy Fox Quilt

Do you remember last week when I shared Deb's Wishes quilt? I told you how sometimes edge to edge quilting is just what a quilt needs? Well, I've got another one of Deb's quilts to share with you today, Fancy Fox.

How to: Corn and Beans Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey there! I hope all is going great today! We've made it to day 27.

Today's block is:
Corn & Beans
I've had fun creating these blocks, sharing a combination of modern and more traditional designs. Most of these blocks could be made in multiple ways, but I've tried to keep them pretty simple, we've made a lot of half square triangles, they're quick and a great way to use up the fabrics from your stash!


How to: Linking Blocks Quilt Block Tutorial - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

All right, my friends, we've made it to day 26! Only four more blocks to go!

Today's block is:
Linking Blocks


How to: Northern Lights Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey guys! It's day 25 of 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks! Today I'm excited to introduce you to:
Northern Lights


How to: Constellation Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey there! Today is day 24 in our 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks! Just six more blocks to go! Crazy how fast this has gone by. From the feedback that I've received about this I'm about 99% sure I'm going to continue this on, after the 30 days but maybe just once or twice a week. I'm just trying to figure out what will work best. YAY!

Today's quilt block is;


Wishes Quilt

Yesterday I spent the day doing some edge to edge machine quilting. It seems like it's been a while since I've done edge to edge quilting and it's a nice change. 
I have probably mentioned this before, as much as I love custom machine quilting, and I love to do it, I do think there is a place for edge to edge quilting as well. I always tell my customers, if you're going to "love" the quilt, make it loveable. Sometimes the edge to edge quilting is just perfect for lovable quilts.

How to: Stepping Stones Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I'm so excited about today's block. I decided after having some pretty simple blocks the last few days I'd mix it up today and add share a block that is a little more time consuming. Do worry though, it's still pretty easy and the quilts that can come from this......uhm, awesome!

Today's quilt block is:
Stepping Stones


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Applique

If you're hanging out with me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I spent several days over the last couple of weeks hangout with, and machine quilting this fabulous quilt.
Donna made this quilt. Donna makes amazing quilts, but her applique is simply stunning! It's truly a stunning quilt and being able to machine quilt this for her was a real honor.

How to: Virginia Reel Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey there! Are you all ready for another quilt block tutorial? Today's block is another fun block, this quilt block could be made in several different ways, but today I'm sharing how-to make it using half-square triangles.

So, today's block is:
Virginia Reel


Dazzle - Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts

I'm excited to introduce you to Dazzle, a new pattern from; Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts.

Dazzle is probably the most scrappy quilt in our new book. Even though all the fabric comes from one fabric line, this is possibly the most scrappy quilt I've ever made, and I have to admit I kinda love it!

How to: Arrowhead Puzzle Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Are you all happy it's Monday? I am! I just finished up a big deadline and am ready to get back to my sewing machine and back to my "normal" routine. YAY!

I'm excited to share this block today, it reminds me of the Confetti block from last week, and I really think it's cool when put together in a quilt.

Today's block is:
Arrowhead Puzzle


How to: Owl Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Today's quilt block tutorial is:
Owl Block
I fell in love with Vanessa's adorable Color Theory fabric so I had to sketch another block using it. Seriously, isn't this fabric so fresh and happy, it just makes me happy looking at it. :)