Urban Churndash - Custom Machine Quilting

This week has been really fun! I always say that the one of the very most flattering aspects of my job is machine quilting quilts that are made from patterns that I've designed. There is just something about that, that makes my heart happy.

Joan made this adorable quilt from my Urban Churndash pattern. I had a lot of fun with that quilt, and sadly I hate to admit that I still haven't sewn my blocks together. Right now I'm a little bit jealous of Joan and wish this was my quilt to keep. :)

When Joan sent me her quilt she asked me to machine quilt it as I chose. With all of the negative space on this one I was beyond thrilled. I knew I wanted to really play up the negative space, but keep the pattern very crisp, and keep a more modern feel.
With a lot of ruler work, and a few million straight lines and some awesome Quilters Dream batting, I achieved the look that I had in mind. 

If you look closely you'll see that in the center of the blocks I added a melon shape. I like to add a little bit of curvature to soften it up just a bit.
The way the machine quilting worked out it ended up creating some arrows in the sashing, I love it! I think I'll quilt that again in the future. :)
Joan used a nice solid white flannel for the backing. We chatted a bit before she sent the quilt and discussed that if we used a solid colored backing the quilting would really show off, as opposed to using a print. I love this backing!
I shared this picture on Instagram as I was getting ready to put the quilt on the long-arm. I think it's cool to see the quilt before and after, I've said it before, but I really think it's not a quilt until it's quilted.

Click here for more information about having me machine quilt for you, for more machine quilting tips and tricks check out my book; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.


  1. That's no backing! That's a second top!
    Very impressive!
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Awesomeness!! Love all the textures and clean lines, fun to quilt one of your own designs, clever women!

  3. Really fabulous. I so love the designs that you used and now can't wait to see how you will finish your own one.

  4. Just beautiful, Natalia. I'm in awe!

  5. I just looked thru your entire website and you are AMAZING!!! So inspiring! Thank you for your gifts, both of you, to this quilting world!


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