Think Big Pillow Collective - Equalizer

Hey there! Today I'm excited to share a fun pillow I recently made. 
A few years back I remember meeting a girl online, who lived in the same town as I. I was so excited to realize that she was into more of a modern style quilting and lived so close to me, at that time her blog was Park City Girl. Amy and I quickly became friends and she told me all about the book she was in the process of writing, her first book, Modern Basics. I was able to machine quilt all of the quilts in that book for Amy, I was so flattered. Over the years Amy and I have stayed friends and it's been so much fun to watch her continue to write books, patterns and design fabric. She's so inspiring.

Amy has a new book, it's her fourth book, and it was just recently released. Think Big: Quilts, Pillows & Runners from 18" Blocks. The book is adorable, and I love the big blocks. I love that Amy has included patterns and instructions for so many sizes, I just love that option!

I love making pillows and when Amy asked me to make a pillow from one of the patterns in her book I was so excited. Pillows are a great way to add a pop of color to any room, they are fast and fun.

I made my pillow from the Equalizer pattern in Think Big, it's a great use of scraps, or your favorite prints. I really had fun with this pattern and even more fun when it came time to machine quilt my pillow. I hadn't ever done matchstick quilting, but I knew this was the perfect little project to try it on.
I used six different thread colors and straight line quilted like crazy, I love the final result. 

Now that you're in the mood to make some pillows make sure to check out our "How to add a zipper" tutorial and our "Pillow Form" tutorial.

Amy is hosting a fun Pillow Collective, like she did last year, hop over to her blog, Amy's Creative Side, for details and to check out some fun pillow inspiration.....and some awesome give-aways.....she's giving away a quilt!


  1. It's a beautiful pillow with very awesome quilted lines :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Ha! I just detected, that I have got your book modern one quilt blocks - it's a good book with beautiful restful patterns :-))
      I'm curious about your cabin fever book!

  2. Pretty pillow, the matchstick quilting looks great.

  3. Pretty pillow, the matchstick quilting looks great.

  4. Your pillow is one of my favorites!

  5. I love all of that quilting, in all of those colors! Beautiful!

  6. I love all of that quilting, in all of those colors! Beautiful!

  7. Fun Pillow with the Mondern touch of the Straight Line Quilting!!! You changed it up by changing Colored Threads. I have follwed Amy for a while, too. I love her Quilt Blogger's Festivals online each Market. I'm glad I got to meet BOTH of you last June in Midway!

  8. Beautiful pillow, I love the quilting


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