Introducing: Sunday Stitches - A Weekly Sewing Tutorial

Ever since finishing up the 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks the wheels in my head have been turning. The 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks was inspiring to me, I learned a lot and I feel like my creativity really grew. I have wanted to continue the series, or do something like it, but didn't want to burn myself out. After a lot of thinking I have finally found an idea that I think will work great for me. I'm calling this series Sunday Stitches

What is Sunday Stitches?
Each Sunday I will share a sewing "stitching" tutorial, most likely it will be a quilt block that I design, but it may be a piecing tip or technique, and I may even sneak in some machine quilting tips and techniques. This time around when I make quilt blocks I'm going to go at it with a little different angle from the 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks. With those I shared quilt ideas with every single one. This time I am not necessarily going to do that with every single block. It may be an idea for a pillow, it maybe be an idea how to put it together in a quilt, and it may just be a block with multiple size options. This is just for fun, for me, so I'm not placing any rules or restrictions on myself. :)

I hope you'll sew along with me, I hope you'll find inspiration from the tutorials that I create. 

To start off this Sunday Stitches series I'm sharing the first complete tutorial today:
Check out the free tutorial here.

Thanks for joining me! I can't wait to see where this series will take me. :)


  1. I think your fist block is cute! Can't wait to try it. I'd love to have ideas for 6" blocks. They are hard to find, I'm doing a block swap and have run out of ideas! Will look forward to next Sunnday! Thanks

    1. I'm sure that's something I could add in. I just wasn't sure if it'd be popular or not. :)

  2. Love it. I like to decorate for all the holidays thank you

  3. I love this idea, Natalia! Your clover block is adorable. I'm looking forward to Sunday Stitches with you!


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