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We have to show everyone this really cute baby bedding that one of our awesome customers made using the Cotton Blossom collection by Moda. Dust ruffle, two sheets and bumpers, SO cute! Bumpers and quilt.
"Everything turned out so cute because of the darling fabrics." Ilene P. Preston, ID



All remaining Candy Kisses MUST GO!!!

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Flowertime Quilt Block Dash

Have you ever started a block of the month quilt, only to find yourself impatient for the next block to be revealed? Wait no longer!
That's what Quilt Block Dash is all about! It's an online hide-and-seek game, where various quilt shops join us to offer you their best, and our members register to DASH to the shops and find the Quilt Block Dash creative image!
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Wow, January is already over! Can't believe how fast time is flying. Happy February!
Today's pre-cut fabric feature is one of Moda's newest the Honey Buns.
Honey Buns are a collection of 40 coordinating fabrics cut into 1 1/2"X44" inch strips rolled up and tied with a ribbon.



'Piece N Share' Self Binding receiving blanket made with Cotton Blossom by Moda Cute Flying Geese quilt that we machine quilted. Self binding receiving blanket. This is a fun flannel quilt that we quilted for one of customers.


Today's featured pre-cut fabric are Fat Quarters and Fat Quarter Bundles. Fat Quarters measure 18"X22". A Fat Quarter Bundle in a bundle of coordinating fat quarters folded up and tied with a ribbon. Fat quarter bundles are great way to get a variety of fabric for a great price.
Here are some of our featured Fat Quarter Bundles. Harmony Fat Quarter Bundle Shangri-la Woven Fat Quarter Bundle Hartfield Fat Quarter Bundle.
Prices on Fat Quarter bundles vary due to the number of Fat Quarters included in the bundle.



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Today's pre-cut features is Dessert Rolls by Moda. They contain 10 varied solid fabrics cut into 5" x 44" strips. Available in May.



Today we're going to share one of the cutest pre-cut fabric bundles. The Charming Jelly Cake includes a Charm Pack, a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake. They are so sweet with no calories! Here a couple of cute ones.

Tranquiltiy Charming Jelly Cake

Candy Kisses Charming Jelly Cake



It has been brought to our attention that many of our fellow quilters don't know what pre-cut fabrics are. So we'll share. We love pre-cuts! When we try our hardest our cutting is never as accurate as pre-cuts. By using these pre-cuts we have saved many hours of cutting, unpicking and redoing our projects to get the perfect look. So today well share one of our favorites
Charm Pack. A Charm Pack contains a collection of coordinating 5" squares. There can be anywhere from 15-40 squares in a pack. (each collection will vary but if you click on it we have specified how many). Here are a couple of our favorite charm packs. Enjoy.

Soire'e Charm Pack

Shangri-la Woven Charm Pack

Swanky Charm Pack




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These two quilts are a couple of 'Piece N Share' quilts that our customers have pieced and we've quilted. They turned out so cute! If you would like to share your projects with us e-mail them to customercare@piecenquilt.com



Today's feature Jelly Roll is:
Recipe for Friendship Jelly Roll
Recipe for Friendship Jelly Roll by Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics includes 40, 2 1/2" strips of fabric rolled up and tied with a ribbon.
On Sale for only $24.99



We machine quilted this super cute jacket, this will be the back of the jacket. I think that this wool applique is so cute!



We just received an e-mail this morning from Quilters Dream. They are now going to be producing a 'Bamboo' batting called 'Dream Orient'. We are so excited! We just wanted to share a little bit of info to get you as excited as us!
DREAM ORIENT A Luxurious Blend of Bamboo, Silk, Cotton, and Botanic Tencel®A dreamy batting made from a blend of natural, environmentally friendly fibers, producing a unique batting that is luxurious and truly exquisite. The blending of Bamboo, Silk, Cotton, and Botanic Tencel® brings together the most desirable qualities of softness, durability, warmth, and breathability making Dream Orient a batting beyond compare.

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We just finished machine quiting this super cute bulls eye quilt. I love the way that she put the quilt together on the diagonal:)



We made this cute recieving blanket with the 5 Funkey Monkeys print my Moda. Turned out so cute!



Today I am teaching a little portion at the Long Arm QT's quild about batting so I thought I'd share with you. My favorite batting to quilt with is: Quilters Dream Blend for Machines 70/30 is soft to hug, yet takes the tug! It is made of 70% cleaned natural cotton and 30% fine denier polyester blended in perfect harmony and needlepunched onto an ultralight scrim base. When I started longarm quiting many people suggested using Hobbs 80/20, I used it for a while but was never 100% satisfied with the finish. So after searching I found Qulters Dream. I love it!
My second favorite batting to use is: Dream Green is an Earth-friendly batting that is TRULY Green. This soft, cozy batting is made completely from recycled plastic bottles - even the packaging is made from recycled products! Available in the select loft, this batting has a light green color. With no scrim or resins, Dream Green meets our highest standards of quality, function and performance. I love that this batting so environmentally friendly. The average batt that I use saves about 7 plastic bottles from going into landfills. So amazing!



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