I love machine quilting

One of my favorite things about machine quilting is seeing the quilts that my customers piece. I already love Buggy Barn quilts but this one is so cute. I have quilted these three quilts within the last month, they are all the same pattern but it's so fun to see how different people put a twist on the pattern.


Quilts 4 Cancer

My sister works for the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah. Since she started working there I have become very interested in helping these children who are fighting cancer and other illnesses. I am so excited that the Utah Quilt Guild has challenged us to donate quilts. I am currently making one for a small boy but am planning to make and donate many more!
We are proud to support the Utah Quilt Guild 2008 charity project - QUILTS4CANCER.

13,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.
Childhood cancer is #1 disease killer of our nation's children
35% of children with cancer die.

Nothing warms a child's heart better than having a quilt of their own to comfort them through the long and strenuous process of treating cancer. Wouldn't it be great if each child between newborn to the age of 20 that is fighting this terrible disease had a quilt? How can you help? Donate a Quilt!

It is the goal of the Utah Quilt Guild to have 250 quilts by 2008 Quilt Festival (September 2008). The quilts will be taken to the area hospitals and given to the children in treatment. Make a difference in the lives of others.

Quilt Requirements
40" X 60" or larger
Tied or Quilted
Quilt Label on back with your name

We will give you a 5% discount off any quilt that we quilt for the Quilts 4 Cancer Charity! Just let us know.

As an added incentive to participate, your name will be entered into a drawing for each quilt you make to win a "Trip Around The World" quilt pieced by Terry Young and quilted by the Corn Wagon. What a great incentive!
Visit the
Utah Quilt Guild for more information about this great cause.


Fun Pantographs

I love pantographs. They make quilts look so cute! This quilt was just two pieces of fabric and I used a verigated pink thread and it turned out so cute!


Friendship Block Exchange

In the Heber Valley Quilt Guild they have a friendship block exchange. This is the first block that I made for the exchange. I think this is a fun idea and it gives us the opportunity to make different types of blocks.


Fancy Feathers

Last Saturday was the monthly Utah Valley Long Arm Quilters guild. At every meeting they draw names for door prizes. This month I was one of the winners and look what I won! Really Fancy Feathers by Linda Taylor. Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Electric Quilters!


Would you like us to bind your quilt for you?
12¢ per linear inch around the perimeter of quilt for machine binding (attached to back and then machine stitched to front of quilt.)
25¢ per linear inch for hand stitched binding (machine stitched to front of quilt and then hand stitched to back of quilt.)


Cute Border

I quilted this bug quilt a couple of weeks ago but I just came across this picture of the border that I quilted. I think it's really cute dragonfly's!

I finished it!!

I finished it! I started quilting on this quilt for my Grandma last Monday, and I just finished it! Generally I go through 3-4 bobbins per quilt and it takes me about a day per quilt. I used eight bobbins on this one. It was really fun. I did stitch in the ditch around every block, around all of the leaves in the borders then I quilted leaves and sunflowers in all of the borders! I think that it turned out so cute and really brought the quilt to life. So fun! I love quilting!


Great Quilt Fabric

I just want to let everyone know about this great online fabric store. Noveltyquiltfabric.com. They are a local Utah company that has a wide variety of great quilting fabrics. I happen to know the owner of this company and I would highly recomend that anyone looking for great quilting fabric check them out!


The Easiest Denim Quilt, All in a day!

We are some of those people that save and save denim jeans. Hoping that some day we will do something with them. Everybody knows how hard denim is to cut, then try to sew and then tie. It never gets done. Well a couple of years back I decided that I wanted to make a denim quilt for my dad for Christmas. I took all of his old jeans and just started ripping them in 4" strips. Then just started sewing strips together (not caring how long they would become) After I had sewn several strips together I just squared them into a queen size quilt. We decided to machine quilt the denim. It was so nice, we didn't have to get out the frames and have that mess out just put it on the long arm machine and it turned out so nice. This is now my dad's favorite quilt to take wherever he goes. I also just made one for my sister (who loves the University of Utah) and quilted U's in it for her to take to the football games. Let us know if you would like your denim quilts quilted!


Fall Quilt

I am so excited about this quilt I had to put some pictures of it on here while I am quilting it. Back in October my cousin Ashlee arranged for a bunch of us quilters to do a fall block exchange. I have still been trying to decide how I should piece these blocks together.. My grandma was one of the people in on the exchange and she just got hers all put together. She says there are over 1400 pieces in this quilt. I am having such a fun time quilting it because every area is so unique. I will post some more pictures when it's finished but this is the quilting in progress!


Baby Quilt

I just quilted this baby quilt and it turned out really cute! Stipple over the entire quilt and then outlined the stars!


Latest Quilting

I just finished quiting both of these within the last few days. They both were really fun to quilt and I think turned out really nice. (There are more close up pictures on our website www.piecenquilt.com ) The top quilt I outlined all of the bugs and circles and then did random circles all over the background. The border I quilted dragon fly's all over!
This pink quilt I used my newest pantograph in the center (paisley playtime) and then did a clamshell border. I also used a pink verigated thread. I love verigated threads, they look so neat quilted!