The Easiest Denim Quilt, All in a day!

We are some of those people that save and save denim jeans. Hoping that some day we will do something with them. Everybody knows how hard denim is to cut, then try to sew and then tie. It never gets done. Well a couple of years back I decided that I wanted to make a denim quilt for my dad for Christmas. I took all of his old jeans and just started ripping them in 4" strips. Then just started sewing strips together (not caring how long they would become) After I had sewn several strips together I just squared them into a queen size quilt. We decided to machine quilt the denim. It was so nice, we didn't have to get out the frames and have that mess out just put it on the long arm machine and it turned out so nice. This is now my dad's favorite quilt to take wherever he goes. I also just made one for my sister (who loves the University of Utah) and quilted U's in it for her to take to the football games. Let us know if you would like your denim quilts quilted!

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