Cleaning out my stash

Monday was a busy day here, well busy in a different sort of way. Kathleen and I spent 9 hours here in the studio cleaning out!
It feels sooooo good!
We happened to come across a couple of boxes of scraps, books and notions, so I've loaded them into some Large USPS flat rate boxes (I'm guessing I have about $100 worth of materials in each box) and I'm selling the rest of my stash!
Click here to purchase.
First come first serve!

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Daisy Delight {Tricia's Version}

Tricia recently made this quilt from our Daisy Delight pattern.
I love the colors that she used.
I machine quilted this quilt for Tricia,
She really liked the look of this quilt but wanted a little bit less quilting.
It turned out so pretty!
Click here to see the original version.
Click here to see Ilene's version of Daisy Delight
Click here to see Emmy's version of Daisy Delight.

The pattern is available for purchase here.

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Antique Etoiles

Recently my local quilt guild held it's annual retreat.
I wasn't able to attend but from what I've heard it sounds like it was a lot of fun.
As a part of the retreat the ladies made a mystery quilt. 
The quilt that they made was Antique Etioles, a free Moda Bake Shop tutorial designed by Cara of Cara Quilts.

Michelle made this fun green and brown version.

I machine quilted it and I love how it turned out.
Now I'm off to celebrate, it's Pioneer day here in Utah, (well it's really tomorrow but most are celebrating today), which means breakfast in the park, hanging out with family all day and then enjoying small town fireworks at night!

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I swore I'd never blog about this.... but today I am.....

I swore I'd never blog about this because I try to keep a positive blog. I know that there are so many negative pressures out there and I never want to add to it. But today I'm saying what I probably shouldn't say....

Last year Kathleen and I designed this quilt.
I loved how happy it was.
I loved everything about it.

We designed the quilt for Moda Bake Shop. It was an original idea and quite frankly neither one of us had ever seen anything even remotely close to this design. We thought it was pretty unique, original and happy.
The free tutorial was posted on Moda Bake Shop and within a few hours I received a horrible email about it. I'm not going to mention who wrote the email.
Kathleen and I were accused of copying someones original design and then giving it away as free. I was mortified. I cried, called a friend, called my mom, called my dad, called my husband. I showed them the quilt that the person was accusing us of copying and they were all also mortified. The quilts look nothing alike. 
I was so hurt at the time that I decided that I was done blogging. Done posting free tutorials. Here I was doing something that I loved and I shouldn't be so hurt for enjoying my passion. 
After a long talk with my parents and husband we decided that it was wrong for that girl to accuse us of such a thing and not to let it ruin my passion. I swept it under the rug and decided to let it go. 
Recently, in talking to friends and reading a few other blogs I've realized that I'm not the only person out there that has been attacked. 
The real reason I'm writing this post today is to tell everyone out there who has been attacked by people who obviously have nothing better to do but criticize others to try to ignore. Try to not listen to the negativity out there. Enjoy your creative outlet.
I've moved on from this incident and I hope that I don't have to keep hearing about these negative people.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Bee Block {for Krista}

July is Krista's month in our VIB group.
She choose to have us make a pretty simple block.
The block is from Cherri House's  Tempest Quilt.
Super cute!

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How to add a zipper to a pillow {a free tutorial}

I'm sure you all know that I HATE sewing by hand, I actually just plain despise it. So when Kathleen taught me how simple it is to add a zipper to pillow backings I was in heaven! I can whip out pillows with zippers super fast now and they are just so rewarding!
Here is how we add zippers to pillow backs.

Pat Sloan, Tula Pink and Jamie M make an awesome combo!

My sweet customer Jamie pieced this darling quilt and I machine quilted it for her.

So, what do Pat Sloan, Tula Pink and Jamie M have to do with this quilt?
Well, the awesome pattern "Under the Sea" is designed by Pat Sloan and is available in her book Fast Forward Quilts.
The super cute fabric is Neptune by the amazing Tula Pink.
and last but not least Jamie M is the piecer of this rockin' quilt.

I just love it!
Thanks for letting me quilt this awesome quilt for you Jamie!

I machine quilted this quilt a few months back for Jane, click here to see Janes' version of "Under the Sea"

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