Cleaning out my stash

Monday was a busy day here, well busy in a different sort of way. Kathleen and I spent 9 hours here in the studio cleaning out!
It feels sooooo good!
We happened to come across a couple of boxes of scraps, books and notions, so I've loaded them into some Large USPS flat rate boxes (I'm guessing I have about $100 worth of materials in each box) and I'm selling the rest of my stash!
Click here to purchase.
First come first serve!

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  1. Looks tempting! Is the moda charm pack included, and is this including or excluding shipping?

  2. If I do decide to buy, could I kindly tell you what I like so you could pick a box that might be fitting for me? I like old-fashioned fabric. I'm super big into primitives and such. I LOVE fall colors and reds! Thank you.

  3. I got my box of scraps yesterday. Hip, Hip Hooray, it was loaded with great stuff!!!!

    Thanks so much!

  4. I miss you sharing your quilts you quilt each day:)


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