How to: Split Nine Patch Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey there! I hope you're all having fun sewing along, today marks day 19. I've been toying with the idea of keeping this alive after the 30 days are complete, like maybe one block a week, or something like that, what do you think?

Today's block is:
Split Nine Patch


How to: Pale Star Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I've mentioned before that in creating these tutorials I've grown so much, but today I was thinking that I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned that my fabric and color choices go in phases, last week I was totally into gray, this week I'm digging blue. Do you do this too?

Today's block is:
Pale Star
I think this block is really cool, and I really like it with the blue background, however I did sketch it out with a white background below.


How to: Eccentric Star Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I hope everyone's day is off to a great start! My day started off very different, I sketched out a new block, didn't like it, sketched another one, loved it, then I realized it was exactly the same as our Wiggling quilt from Modern One-Block Quilts I guess I really like that quilt. Then I sketched out this one, and I love how it goes together in a quilt.

Today's quilt block is:
Eccentric Star


How to: Zig Zag Path Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey friends! I hope you're all having fun sewing along, and making these quilt blocks. 
Yesterday I found out about a group of friends that are sewing the blocks and have even created a little facebook group to share their blocks. It made my little heart so happy to hear this, and see their adorable blocks!

Today's block is:
Zig Zag Path


How to: Streak of Lightning Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Oh, my gosh! You guys, I am so excited about today's quilt block! It's so fast, and the patterns that can be created from it are so much fun! Yesterday when I shared the Confetti block I thought the quilts that were created from it were my favorite so far, but now today I think the quilts created from this block are my favorite! I am so glad I challenged myself to create these tutorials! They have done so much for my creatively! I just love it!

So, today's block is:
Streak of Lightning


How to: Confetti Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Can you believe that we're already to block thirteen! This little challenge has been going on for almost two weeks! We've still got seventeen more blocks to go, and I'm still really excited to see where it will take me creatively!

Today's quilt block is:
Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post and check out how adorable this quilt is in a quilt top! I love the two completely different looking quilts you can create from just one block, repeated.

Urban Churndash Sew-Along - Finishing the Quilt

It's time to sew our Urban Churndash Quilt tops together. It's been fun sewing over the last month, and really fun to see your quilt block progress on your blogs and on Instagram. Thanks so much for sharing!


How to: Antique Tile Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Today's quilt block tutorial is:
Antique Tiles
I'm excited to share this quilt block tutorial with you today. This one is fun because it goes together really quickly, but creates a cool modern quilt. Scroll down to the bottom to see my masculine version. I love it! I'd love to have that quilt in my home, I just need about 17 extra hours in a day and I'd get it done. :)


How to: A Dandy Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

All right friends, today's fun, simple quilt block tutorial is:
A Dandy!
....no really, that's the block name A Dandy.
This block is pretty simple, it'll go together quickly, and it creates a fun quilt pattern when put together in a quilt.


How to: Double Arrows Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Today's quilt block is:
Double Arrows

This block started out as a totally different design, and in totally different colors, but then it evolved, and turned to this, and I love this! I am digging this color scheme right now, like really digging it. So I had to draw another block in blue and gray.


Star Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting

Last week I spent a few days custom machine quilting this gorgeous quilt for Donna. When Donna dropped this quilt off to me she asked me to custom machine quilt it for her, she didn't have anything in particular in mind, she just wanted it to be awesome! 

Deal, I love it when I'm given that free-range to just do my thing.

How to: Sickle Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Are you ready for quilt block number 10? Ready or not here it is!
Today's block is:
Sickle Quilt Block
I am so excited about this block, it's quite simple, but I'm pretty sure it's the most versatile block so far in this sew-along. Just wait 'til you see the quilts that can be made from just this single block, repeated.


How to: 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks - Sampler #1

Now that we've got tutorials for the first nine quilt blocks, if you want to stop here you can. You can sew these together and create a fun little sampler.

How to: Return of the Swallows Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I know I mentioned this a few days back, but I have to say it again today, thank you all so much for sewing along, sharing the blocks that you're making and sending me such sweet messages. 

Sometimes coming up with an idea, and then putting it out there...... it's  SO scary. I may think it's a great idea, but to everyone else it may just be the craziest idea ever. So, thank you all so much for the positive feedback and support!

In continuing with the 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks today's block is:
Return of the Swallows


Edge to Edge Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

With all the fun happening with the 30 Quilt Blocks and the Urban Churndash Sew-Along, don't worry......I haven't quit machine quilting. :)

I've told you a few times about Paula and the quilts that she's been making for her grand-children, making a quilt for each grandchild that will fit their personality. I just love this idea! These kids will cherish these quilts forever!

How to: Bachelors Puzzle Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Okay, we're ready of the 8th block in the 30 Day of Sewing Quilt Blocks.
Today's block is:
Bachelor's Puzzle


How to: Simple Cross Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I'm trying to mix up the blocks, giving a lot of variety, and I don't want them to be too difficult. Today's block is pretty simple, no half square triangles.

Simple Cross 


Urban Churndash- A Simple Sew-Along - Finishing the Blocks

This Urban Churndash quilt is going together so quickly! I love it! Today we'll make the half square triangle units and then put the blocks together. 

How to: Simple Heart Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

With Valentines just under a month away I knew I had to make at least one Valentines quilt block tutorial. 
So, today's quilt block is:
Simple Heart


How to: Beach & Boots Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

I am so excited to share today's quilt block. When I came up with this idea to create 30 quilt block tutorials in 30 days I had no idea where it would take me creatively. Even though I'm only 5 days in I am having so much fun and I feel like I'm growing so much! I just love it!

So, today's quilt block is:
Beach and Boots


How to: Picket Fence Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

This 30 days of Sewing Quilt Blocks is going to go by so fast, we're already to the fourth block! 
If you're just joining in you can find all of the quilt blocks here.

Also, I've had a few questions, so I'll try to answer them here, all 30 blocks will finish at 12" square, and although I'm just giving you layouts for quilts using one repeating block, these blocks could go together and make an adorable sampler quilt.

Today's quilt block is:
Picket Fence


How to: Crossroads to Jericho Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

After I designed the scrappy version of Thirteen Squares yesterday I was totally in a vintagey (is that even a word?) mood! I had to create another vintage inspired quilt. So, today I'll be teaching you how to make:
 Crossroads to Jericho

Snapshots QAL with Fat Quarter Shop - Block 1

Okay, it's time to get going on the Fat Quarter Shop's Snapshots Quilt Along. I'm so excited to share my first block today!

If you remember last month I told you that I had decided to go totally out of my box and use some Fresh Air by American Jane for Moda Fabrics. Well, I've got my first scrappy block done and I can't wait to get going on the next. :)


How to: Thirteen Squares Quilt Block - 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Thank you to all that sent kind messages and are just as excited as I about these quilt blocks. I love creating and sharing and seeing your blocks just makes my heart sing!

Today's block is:
 Thirteen Squares


Introducing: 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Hey friends! I hope all is well and your new year is off to a great start. Today I'm excited to introduce you to a fun new sewing series I'm starting here today, 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks. Each day over the next 30 days I'm going to share a fun quilt block and how to make each one as a finished 12" block. Each block will vary in skill level, and as a bonus I'll show each block layed out in a quilt. I hope you'll find inspiration in these blocks. 

Don't worry, I'm still going to be blogging and sharing the quilts that I'm machine quilting and the Urban Chrundash Sew-Along is still under way.

So, today we'll start with the first block: 
Hour Glass


Valentines Day Tutorial Roundup!

Can  you believe that Valentines Day is just one month away! Time is just flying by! I really love Valentines Day, I remember the excitement as a kid, making Valentines boxes and cards, being so excited about all of the yummy candy.
Now, as an adult my husband tries to boycott this holiday in all ways possible. He's always telling em that it's a Hallmark holiday and we should show each other we love each other all year long. Well, I don't care, if it's a reason to make cute crafts and decorate, then it's reason to celebrate!

Kathleen and I have made several Valentines Day tutorials over the last few years, I thought it'd be fun to share a few of them here today.


A-Maze Me Quilt - Modern One-Block Quilts

Last fall my husband and I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to teach at Q-First in Quilting. It was a great trip and Laura's quilt shop is adorable. 


Urban Chrundash- A Simple Sew-Along - Sewing the Four Patches

We're moving right along in the Urban Churndash Sew-Along, today (a few days early) we'll be putting together the center four patch blocks. You will need one of these units for each block, making a total of nine four patch units.


Cross Hatching

This week has a been a fun, and productive one, a great way to start off 2015!


Jelly Bean Toss - McCalls Quick Quilts - February/March 2014

How stinkin' cute is that Jelly Bean quilt? It's so fun and refreshing for spring. A few months back my friend Tina Lewis made that adorable quilt and brought it to me for some machine quilting.


Dwell Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting

Before Christmas I machine quilted this adorable Dwell quilt for Jen. It's such an adorable quilt, I love the fabrics that she chose for her quilt, she actually made this for her daughter.


Urban Churndash- A Simple Sew-Along - Sewing the Flying Geese

It's time, are you ready to start sewing your Urban Churndash quilt blocks. We're going to start with the flying geese units. You will be making four flying geese per block, making a total of 36 flying geese.