Valentines Day Tutorial Roundup!

Can  you believe that Valentines Day is just one month away! Time is just flying by! I really love Valentines Day, I remember the excitement as a kid, making Valentines boxes and cards, being so excited about all of the yummy candy.
Now, as an adult my husband tries to boycott this holiday in all ways possible. He's always telling em that it's a Hallmark holiday and we should show each other we love each other all year long. Well, I don't care, if it's a reason to make cute crafts and decorate, then it's reason to celebrate!

Kathleen and I have made several Valentines Day tutorials over the last few years, I thought it'd be fun to share a few of them here today.

Last year Kathleen and I made this adorable Colored Candies quilt, the original pattern for this quilt is from our book, Modern One-Block Quilts. We used our embroidery machine and embroidered the fun little Valentines Day inspired conversation words on the squares of fabric before sewing the blocks together. Here are more details about this fun quilt.
Love You Dish Towels
I love these! They are so simple. Kathleen and I also made these last year for Valentines Day, you can find the complete tutorial here.
L'Amore E'Bello Quilt
This adorable quilt still hangs in my sister Whitnee's house each year. We actually made this quilt back in 2010, I can't believe it's already been 5 years, but it's still a favorite. Unfortunately, because it is 5 years old I can't tell you where to find the adorable panel, but the tutorial for the quilt is available here.

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  1. Try having your DH's Birthday the day after V-day and he gets you Nothing for Valentine's day. It's the real PITS! My birthday is the month before and I'm lucky if I get a card. Not too romantic after 39 years...Hope he remembers to make it a bit more special this year. I can hope. Our Stake sometimes has a Sweetheart Dance around that time, he isn't a dancer, but we usually go.


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