I have been quilting.... and sewing...

I have been busy, sewing and quilting, I just can't share everything that I've been working on quite yet..... Ya, know, some more surprises, secrets and secrets for some of my customers.
and when I haven't been quilting I've been taking every spare second to cuddle.
Have a great weekend!

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Making a baby girl quilt

Kathleen and I usually only piece quilts for ourselves or as gifts, but every once in a while we help out our friends. LuAnn bought this darling pink and brown fabric to make a quilt for her new granddaughter.
After buying it she just didn't know what to do with it, so she gave it to Kathleen and asked that she help put the quilt together. So, being crazy like we are, we just couldn't sew the blocks together, we had to add some applique, because you know that we love applique! :)
So we cut up the fabric into strips, added some white, pink, brown and applique and this is what we came up with.
I think it turned out pretty dang cute.
I machine quilted it for her, the quilt is made from flannels and the backing is minky so it has a lot of fun texture.

Applique embroidery pattern is from Planetapplique

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Green & Aqua

Paula pieced this fun Green and Aqua quilt for her granddaughter.
It's a fun quilt and the colors are just so cute!
I machine quilted it for her with an all over swirl pattern.
She used minky for the quilt backing and I always love how the machine quilting shows up on minky!
Thanks for letting me machine quilt this fun quilt Paula!

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WHS Quilt

I've mentioned before that the local high school colors are black and gold, so I get to quilt a lot of fun black and gold quilts.
This one was made by Colleen and she made it all from scraps from other WHS quilts that she's made.
It's a great use of scraps isn't it!
I machine quilted an all over pattern and I love how it turned out.
Here and here are some other fun WHS quilts that I've machine quilted.

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Stars from Scraps

Noel has been busy this year busting her stash.
She has been making darling Buggy Barn quilts from it and it's been so much fun seeing all the quilts that she's made.
I machine quilted this one for her with an all over stars and loops pattern, Noel's favorite, and it's just darling!
I think it's a great use stash buster quilt too!
Here are a few of Noel's other quilts that I've machine quilted.

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Little Birdie Stitchery

Shannon pieced this darling Little Birdie stitchery quilt. It's so darling and the hand stitching is just perfect!
I custom machine quilted it for it, it was fun to machine quilt, lots of outlining to make the stitchery pop!
Some fun custom machine quilting detail.
Some fun pictures of the quilt back!
So cute and happy for this time of year. :)

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