WHS Quilt

I've mentioned before that the local high school colors are black and gold, so I get to quilt a lot of fun black and gold quilts.
This one was made by Colleen and she made it all from scraps from other WHS quilts that she's made.
It's a great use of scraps isn't it!
I machine quilted an all over pattern and I love how it turned out.
Here and here are some other fun WHS quilts that I've machine quilted.

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  1. Hi Natalia! That is the coolest machine quilting pattern I think I've seen!!! I LOVE IT!!! Did you come up with it! Love it ♥♥♥

  2. That is a cool quilting pattern! The first time I see it, nice combo with the squares and twirls.

  3. what a FUN quilting pattern! LOVE it!

  4. I think I would get dizzy quilting that design. Looks cool though.

  5. Had to look at this one. My son's schoo; is WHS as well.
    Hugs, Sharon


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