How to make GO! Dresden Plates

I’ve made Dresden Plates in the past but my cutting must be inaccurate because they just never seem to lay quite as nicely as I’d like.
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I recently had the chance to use the Dresden Plate Accuquilt Go! Die and I loved working with it!

Here is how I made a Dresden Plate using the pointed petals, this die has pointed and rounded petals, it's pretty cool, they are the same size so you can mix them together!
I began by selecting 8 different prints, then used my Dresden Plate Die to quickly cut four layers of Dresden pieces at a time.
I loved how they all came out so nicely cut.
Next I folded the large end of 20 of the Dresden pieces in half and sewed across the top, as shown in the image above.
Then I turned that point that I had sewn right sides out and pressed into the nice point, that is shown above.
Then I sewed all 20 of the Dresden pieces together. They fit together so nicely.
I did press my seams open so that it would lay a little flatter.

Next I appliqued them onto a 14" square of white background material.
I used a top stitch and stitched very close to the outside edge of the Dresden Plate.
Then from the circle that is included in the Dresden Plate die I cut out one circle and appliqued that, using a blanket stitch to the center of the Dresden. 
Super simple!

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  1. I like that method for making the point, I will have to remember that. I don't have the die yet - just use a template for now and that works well too.

  2. How interesting that you posted about this today! I just attempted to make my first Dresden Plate yesterday and it didn't turn out so great (sorta bubbled up in the middle). That GO! Die is the next one on my list!!! Yours turned out great!

  3. Your dresden looks great. I thought the petals were kind of narrow. The petals are the same size but an easier way of finishing a plate block is to sew thin under facing all the way around right sides together and turn it. Finishes all the petals at once. You can't do that with this die. I don't look forward to turning the round ones one at a time.

  4. Der Dresdener Teller sieht sehr schön aus.
    LG Grit

  5. very cool !! GO! just seems to make everything much easier !


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