Have you heard about the Moda Bake Shop Sliced contest going on right now?

If you haven't you need to stop by Moda Bake Shop and check it out, it's called Sliced, it's a fun and creative contest that Moda is currently hosting. When Kathleen heard about the contest she just had to enter, she is a contest junkie.... well at least I think so.... but she has a lot of fun entering and being challenged in contests.

For the first entry round of the contest the entrants had to design some sort of office/studio accessory from a pre-cut fabric, batting and a buckle. 

So Kathleen came up with this genius idea, a weekly calendar.
She made it into bulletin boards, one for each day. I love it, right now it's hanging in the studio but maybe, or maybe not, I can sneak it home with me, it is about 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall so it may be a little tricky to sneak it past her. :)

Anyways, she was sliced from the competition but that's allright, the four finalists that were selected are amazingly talented!

When Kathleen made this weekly calendar she took photos along the way, would you be interested in her sharing a tutorial?

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I would so love it if you did a tutorial of this!!!! I loved her entry and was blown away when it wasn't a finalist. It is so creative and unique. Just love it!!!!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! PRETTY please!!

  3. Definetly a "yes.Please' from me!!

  4. I love this, I can't beleive you didn't make it through!

  5. This is super cute! What font did she use on the letters?

  6. A tutorial would be awesome! This is such a fun and unique way to keep track of daily stuff.

  7. I love it!! I think she should do a tutorial!!

  8. I saw this on there, I had no idea it was so large! I thought it was awesome, I would definitely love to see a tutorial on it!


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