How to: Free-Motion Quilt Swirly Feathers - a video tutorial

This adorable Great Big @ sign quilt was designed and made by Lissa. It's such a fun quilt. Lissa blogged all about this quilt and even shares a free pattern over on her blog. Hop over there and check it out!


I Quilt.......

I'm pretty sure my shirt is self explanatory, and I think many quilters can relate. :) 
I love this shirt!
When I saw this shirt over at Patchwork Threads I knew I HAD to buy it! Yesterday it arrived and I put it on as soon as I could tear it out of the package. The shirt is super duper comfortable, so comfortable in fact....that I ordered a few more! :)
Seriously, if you are looking for some adorable sewing related shirts, be sure to check out Patchwork Threads!

Have a great weekend!


Denyse Schmidt Clam Quilt

I spent the first few days of this week custom machine quilting this amazing quilt. Diane spent the first part of this year piecing this quilt, and it's amazing! Maybe because I'm still so intimidated by curves, or maybe it's the fabrics, but I just think it's adorable and inspiring!
I actually followed Diane on Instagram as she made this quilt, then she asked me to machine quilt it for her, I was, still am, so flattered that I was able to quilt it for her.
I chose 5 different background filler type patterns and just randomly machine quilted them in the clams, I tried really hard to never have the same pattern touching, but there are a few spots where they are. :)
Such a cool quilt!
Thanks so much for letting me machine quilt this for you Diane!
Check out what Diane is up to on her blog or Instagram.


Little Tiny Log Cabins

Last week I finished the machine quilting on this adorable Little Tiny Log Cabin quilt. Donna pieced this quilt, If you remember I recently shared another one of  her amazing quilts, this lady has some patience! Those log cabins are tiny, I think they finish at about 4"
I custom machine quilted this quilt, quilting a bud type pattern in the log cabins and then a swirly pattern in the white blocks, with a fun floral border.


Quiltmaker Magazine - May/June 2014 - Year of Machine Quilting

The May/June 2014 is hitting newsstands soon and I'm super duper excited about this issue.
My 3rd article in my Year of Machine Quilting series is featured in this issue and this month I'm sharing some new background filler ideas. Along with those ideas I'm talking about thread, my experiences and the threads that I prefer to use.


How to: Load a Quilt on a Long-Arm Quilting Machine with Natalia Bonner

Join me in my studio today as I show you how-to load a quilt on a long-arm quilting machine.

Make sure to check out all of our helpful videos over on YouTube!


Bird of Paradise Quilt

This week I spent a few days machine quilting this amazing Bird of Paradise quilt, made by Donna! The entire time while I was quilting this quilt I was just amazed. I do not have the patience to hand applique so to me this is truly amazing!
When deciding how I wanted to machine quilt this amazing quilt I decided to go with a microstipple as a background filler, outlining all of the applique.
I felt as if there is so much to look at with the gorgeous applique that I didn't need to make the machine quilting take away from her beautiful work.

It's such a gorgeous quilt.
A few months back I machine quilted another one of these amazing quilts for Marilyn, when I shared the pictures of her quilt I shared the story behind the quilt pattern, you can read about that here.

Have a great day!


Snowflakes are Falling

Denise recently piecing this adorable version of our Moda Bake Shop Quilt, Snowflakes are Falling. I love this quilt.
Even though it's March and many of you are already enjoying spring, we still are getting snow days here in the Utah mountains. :)
When Denise and her mother Sherry brought me this quilt to custom machine quilt she told me that she loves snowflakes, so quilt a lot of them in the quilt, so I did. I hid snowflakes in the quilting in the borders and then each block also has a snowflake in the center.
I think it turned out pretty dang cute!
You can check out this pattern free over on Moda Bake Shop.

Have a happy St. Patricks Day everyone!


Silhouette Cameo

Last week Kathleen and I finally picked up one of our dream toys, a Silhouette Cameo.

I remember a few years back when the idea of the Silhouette Cameo was just coming out, thinking to myself, I wish that machine could cut more than vinyl and paper. I want to cut fabric on it. Well, now we can!
After we picked up our new Silhouette Cameo we came right back to the studio to try it out. I installed the software, which is super easy to navigate, and then I designed a simple little applique shape.
If you know me well, you know that I strongly dislike putting fusible in my quilts, so I tried my own little starch method and cut this shape out, the Silhouette Cameo did fantastic. I'm thinking I'll put together a little tutorial on how-to cut without using fusible.

So, here's what Kathleen and I are most excited about, over the next few weeks, when I find a few thousand extra hours, we're going to be converting all of our embroidery applique files to the Silhouette .SVG files, so anyone with a Silhouette machine, or any cutting machine can cut our embroidery applique files, this will make the process of embroidery applique so quick, and smooth! I'm so excited about this!

Oh, and what makes this process even more awesome, if you don't have an embroidery machine, but want to use our files to cut your own fabric, or paper, or vinyl you can! 
Can you tell I'm really excited about this new venture?!?!


Quilts for Triplets

I recently machine quilted three adorable quilts for triplet boys, Luke, Thomas & Mason. Julie, the boys' grandma made this darling quilts and then brought them to me for machine quilting before she headed to Canada to help take care of the babies.
I love how each quilt is a little different, yet the same pattern. So when I machine quilted them I machine quilted each one a little differently. The quilt above I machine quilted with our digital Pebble pattern, pattern available for purchase here. 
 This quilt I machine quilted using our digital Bubble pantograph pattern, pattern available for purchase here
Then the adorable quilt for Thomas I machine quilted using our digital Polka Dot pantograph pattern, pattern available for purchase here

I love how the quilts turned out, after I finished machine quilting these adorable quilts I read this story about them. I am so heartbroken for this sweet family and praying that all will turn out for the best.


Machine Quilting Multiple Patterns to Create Texture

Last week I spent several days machine quilting car quilts for Becky! She has made several of these darling quilts and I had so much fun machine quilting them for her. 
A few months back I machine quilted a bunch of these adorable quilts for her, you can check out pictures of these here.
While I was machine quilting the piano key sections of these little quilts I made a little video of myself machine quilting that section.
Hope you enjoy it!

Check out all of our videos over on our YouTube channel.


How-to: Machine Quilt a Square in a Square Quilt Block

Today I've got another fun YouTube video to share! This video I'm machine quilting a Square in a Square quilt block.
Hope you enjoy!
Check out all of our videos over on our YouTube channel.


Machine Quilting Melons

Amber pieced this adorable quilt. 
She sent it to me and asked me to machine quilt it, however I wanted. So I machine quilted my favorite, swirls in the background fabric, and then I custom machine quilted an echoing melon shape in each of the print blocks. I love the movement that you can create by adding some curved machine quilting to a quilt top.
I love how this one turned out. Thanks for letting me machine quilt your darling quilt Amber!


Medallion Quilt

Yesterday I shared a little how-to video showing one of the quilt blocks on this beautiful quilt. This quilt was made by Helen and she did a fantastic job piecing it.
I had a lot of fun custom machine quilting this quilt, I always have fun with this type of quilt.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt your adorable quilt Helen!


How-to: Free-Motion Quilt a Star Flower Quilt Block

Sometimes a little inspiration is all we need to get the gears in our mind going, and the creativity flowing. 
Today I've got a fun machine quilting video, showing you how I machine quilted a Star Flower quilt block.


2014 Auriful Machine Quilting Tip - March

This month my machine quilting tip is all about batting. Batting plays a huge role in the final result of your quilt. When you're beginning I highly recommend using a low-loft batting. My favorites are Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe and Hobbs 80/20