How to: Free-Motion Quilt Swirly Feathers - a video tutorial

This adorable Great Big @ sign quilt was designed and made by Lissa. It's such a fun quilt. Lissa blogged all about this quilt and even shares a free pattern over on her blog. Hop over there and check it out!

When I got ready to start machine quilting this quilt I honestly had a lot of my mind, I think that I kinda wasn't actually paying attention to what I was doing and ended up quilting some random feathers in with the swirls, then when I realized what I was doing I decided I really liked it, and kept going with it. It was actually so much fun that in the middle of the quilting I stopped and filmed a little video of me machine quilting this.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Did you speed up the video, or is that really how fast you quilt?
    It looks great!

  2. Amazing!!! You make it look soooo simple!

  3. ohhhhh, I love it! And, it was great fun to watch you...thank you for sharing.

  4. Great video and design. Do you use constant or regulated speed and if you use constant speed what do you set it at? Thanks so much for your information and inspiration.


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