Quilts for Triplets

I recently machine quilted three adorable quilts for triplet boys, Luke, Thomas & Mason. Julie, the boys' grandma made this darling quilts and then brought them to me for machine quilting before she headed to Canada to help take care of the babies.
I love how each quilt is a little different, yet the same pattern. So when I machine quilted them I machine quilted each one a little differently. The quilt above I machine quilted with our digital Pebble pattern, pattern available for purchase here. 
 This quilt I machine quilted using our digital Bubble pantograph pattern, pattern available for purchase here
Then the adorable quilt for Thomas I machine quilted using our digital Polka Dot pantograph pattern, pattern available for purchase here

I love how the quilts turned out, after I finished machine quilting these adorable quilts I read this story about them. I am so heartbroken for this sweet family and praying that all will turn out for the best.


  1. Wow Natalia! You did an amazing job and he story of those boys is definitely heartbreaking! We will definitely be praying for the health of these beautiful boys!

  2. Stunning work! I'd love to know how the names were added, appliqué, pieced or maybe screen printed?! Lovely work by all!

  3. i have been following their story on the news! My thoughts and prayers continue for this family! Beautiful quilts for 3 very strong little men!

  4. These are all so adorable. I'll be keeping those babies in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Such adorable babies, I will pray for their health and growth, especially for the little one with eye surgery to recover from as well. Thanks for sharing.

    I too, as Marzetta mentioned in her post would like to know how the names were added. It doesn't appear to be applique? Nice work by everyone. The boys will be so comfy wrapped up in such prettiness.


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