Bird of Paradise Quilt

This week I spent a few days machine quilting this amazing Bird of Paradise quilt, made by Donna! The entire time while I was quilting this quilt I was just amazed. I do not have the patience to hand applique so to me this is truly amazing!
When deciding how I wanted to machine quilt this amazing quilt I decided to go with a microstipple as a background filler, outlining all of the applique.
I felt as if there is so much to look at with the gorgeous applique that I didn't need to make the machine quilting take away from her beautiful work.

It's such a gorgeous quilt.
A few months back I machine quilted another one of these amazing quilts for Marilyn, when I shared the pictures of her quilt I shared the story behind the quilt pattern, you can read about that here.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow...so much tiny quilting...great quilt, great quilting...gives me eye strain just thinking about it!

  2. ohmygosh. Well, first of all, that quilt is to die for! Great choice with the micro-stippling...doesn't detract at all and adds dimension. I bet it took forever, though! Wonderful, Natalia!

  3. Wonderful!! I do hand applique and I appreciate the time it takes to finish something so intricate. This quilt is truly a work of heart and art. Please tell the maker thank you for helping to keep the art of hand applique alive. And the quilting is a great choice too! :)


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