Long Arm Guild

The long arm guild that I participate in has a blog now! Check it out!


Fun Quilts

I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to post pictures so here are some of the latest quilts!
This one was made from two charm packs then some other prints that I had. I think it turned out super cute:)


Show off!

I have to SHOW OFF this super super cute Heber Valley Quilters Quilt for 2008! The new president of the guild and a couple of other ladies designed this quilt and then they will be teaching us how to make it throught the year. I quilted it and I just have to show how super cute it is!


Friendship Quilts

These are all but one of my friendship quilts from this year. I made a goal to have them all done by the end of the year. They may not all get quilted because I've got lots of customer quilts to do first but at least they are all pieced:)
This pattern is called "Birthday Presents" and it was my Friendship Quilt in the Heber Valley Quilt Guild. I wanted to conserve fabric for the backing but still have it cute.The people at the fabric store figured that I would need six yards. By piecing it like this I used only 3.5 yards, a savings of over $30! Yay! This one is Buggy Barn Friendship quilt and I love it! I love the colors, it turned out so cute! Thanks for inviting me to participate in this one girls! This one is a Friendship Strip Quilt. We were all assigned to make a 30" strip with traditional X-Mas colors. I really liked the strip idea! Even more excited that I got it done before X-Mas!


Mayflowers Pattern

Click on instruction image for larger view.

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Welcome Spring


Click on pattern images to enlarge.
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It's been two weeks!

We've been so busy quilting I guess I haven't had any time to update the blog. Here are a few quilts we've done since the last post.


Another Busy Week

Another busy week making fun projects and quilting:) Just wanted to show off some pictures. These are the Chubby Hearts and Stars that I made for the Crazy Among Friends friendship quilt. They turned out super cute! Then for our Christmas strip quilt we appliqued stars and this super cute poinsettia strip. Had some left over parts so we made this cute center for a table runner. Applique is awesome with the new machine! Also very busy machine quilting. Here are a few of them.
Wallflower. Custom, simple patter but super cute! All over daisies. Love this pattern, reminds me of an optical illusion!Panels are so cute! Happy fall. We had to turn our heat on today so it really is fall:)


Friendship Quilt

I have recently discovered that there are many of my friends out there that love to sew just as much as me:) I have recently made a few friendship quilts and I am thinking about doing a winter one. Are any of you interested?? Let me know. I am thinking about making either a winter (not Christmas) or Valentines Day one.


Self Binding Baby Blankets

A while back I posted some pictures of Self Binding Baby Blankets. After so many requests we've decided to start selling kits for them. The kits all use Moda Flannel prints and they are a steal. Just $19.50 including the pattern. Finished size is 39"X39" and they are so simple to make:) Here are a few pictures of some of the kits!


Quilted Bedding has arrived:)

After many requests we have begun to carry quilted bedding. Visit our website and check them all out. If you use promo code BLOG when purchasing you will receive an additional discount off our already low prices!!

These are just a few. Click here to see more!


Piece N Quilt Orginal Patterns arriving 10/1/08

Here's just a little preview of the Piece N Quilt original patterns that will be arriving October 1, 2008. This pattern is called "Pushin' Daisies" and is $7.00
We also have new patterns called;
Circles & Stripes
So check back on October 1, 2008!


Friendship Blocks and Baby Quilt

I just have to show off this super cute baby blanket that I quilted today. I love the colors that she used and I think that the pattern is so fun and modern. I think the quilting turned out super cute too! I used a pink variegated thread and I love it:) I, along with a couple of other girls are making a Buggy Barn friendship quilt. I was assigned to make two different blocks, baskets and angels. I love the colors that they chose and I am so excited to finish it:)


Machine Quilting

I've quilted lots of fun quilts and wall hangings and runners lately just wanted to show some of them off:) I love this time of year because I get to quilt a wide variety of quilts like Christmas, Halloween and then other cute ones:)


Pantographs / All over designs

Check out our website! We just received new Pantograph / all over quilting designs! Super cute:)
Some of them include;
Tannenbaum Bubbles Daisies Galore