Friendship Quilts

These are all but one of my friendship quilts from this year. I made a goal to have them all done by the end of the year. They may not all get quilted because I've got lots of customer quilts to do first but at least they are all pieced:)
This pattern is called "Birthday Presents" and it was my Friendship Quilt in the Heber Valley Quilt Guild. I wanted to conserve fabric for the backing but still have it cute.The people at the fabric store figured that I would need six yards. By piecing it like this I used only 3.5 yards, a savings of over $30! Yay! This one is Buggy Barn Friendship quilt and I love it! I love the colors, it turned out so cute! Thanks for inviting me to participate in this one girls! This one is a Friendship Strip Quilt. We were all assigned to make a 30" strip with traditional X-Mas colors. I really liked the strip idea! Even more excited that I got it done before X-Mas!

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  1. so dang cute Natalia!
    I love the presents, somewhere in there is a present from me! The backing is a great idea!
    And the Buggy Barn - so cute! I love it love it. I can't wait to see it all finished at guild meeting.
    And the Christmas one, what a super fun idea with the strips. I love that idea. One day I will do one like that too.
    You are busy busy and doing great things!


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