I have been using 40 tex Signature- Cotton thread and it's been ok. I haven't been 100% satisfied with it. A fellow quilter told me to try 30 tex and I would like it better. Then another quilter referred me to Signature Threads! I decided to give it a try. I ordered one spool just to try it out. It arrived the very next day! I'm impressed. Then I put it on my machine, I had to adjust the tension a tiny bit but it's awesome. I am using the King Tut brand and this stuff is like Gold! It's way more expensive than the signature brand but I can tell why. Hooray for good thread!!


Another Valentines Day Quilt

I didn't piece this quilt but I did quilt it. My mom pieced it a while ago and I just recently quilted it. I thought it was very appropriate for Valentines Day!



So I am obsessed with the Buggy Barn! I pieced and quilted this quilt for Valentines Day! It was really fun to piece because there were so many different blocks.
When I quilted it I decided to try a differnt type of meandering. It's hard to see it on these pictures but I did small circles all over!



So one of the things I wanted to do this year was make more quilts to display in my house. This is a Buggy Barn quilt that I made to hang in the winter time. I love making Buggy Barn Quilts. They are so crazy but fun! After I made this one I ended up displaying it in a little fabric store in Midway so it's not even in my house. Oh well.