Urban Churndash Sew-Along - Finishing the Quilt

It's time to sew our Urban Churndash Quilt tops together. It's been fun sewing over the last month, and really fun to see your quilt block progress on your blogs and on Instagram. Thanks so much for sharing!

To be honest......I had big intentions of sharing my completed quilt top here today, but I have a pretty big deadline at the end of this week and with that my sewing time has become pretty limited, like I don't think I've even turned my sewing machine on in a couple weeks. I do have six of my blocks complete but It'll be a couple weeks before I am able to complete my top, but I will get it done and then share it here as soon as it's complete.

To put your quilt top together you will sew the blocks in three rows of three blocks.
Sew together using the 2 1/2"x24 1/2" white sashing that you cut when you cut out your quilt blocks.
Then sew the three rows together using the two - 2 1/2"x76 1/2" white strips.

Machine quilt and bind as desired.

Thanks again for sewing along with me! 

You can view all of the steps in this sew-along here.


  1. My completed quilt top is shown here: http://busyhandsquilts.blogspot.com/2015/02/urban-churn-dash-sew-along-quilt-top.html I plan to quilt it in March. Thank you for hosting this quilt-along. It is a super fun, fast block that will work for lots of fabric combinations.

  2. I finished my Urban Churndash baby quilt today. You can see it at:
    Thanks for the fun design!

  3. I have completed my Amish Urban Churn Dash quilt! You can find it here: http://busyhandsquilts.blogspot.com/2015/03/urban-churn-dash-sew-along-finish.html


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