Filming with Jodie Davis for Quilt It!

Last week I took a little road trip up to Salt Lake. It's about a four hour drive for me, so Brayden (my 2 year old) and I loaded up the car and hit the road. 

On Thursday night I was able to share our quilts and my journey in this quilting industry at the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. They are a great group and it was a real honor to be able to meet the ladies there and some of the rockstar quilters in that group.

(photo borrowed from Sara Watts Justice intagram)

Friday was a busy day, it started out early at the Handi Quilter offices in North Salt Lake City, UT with professional hair and make-up.....I could get used to that! :)
Jodie Davis, the host of Quilt It! and I filmed three segments on machine quilting, we talk quite a bit about batting, one of the biggest elements in creating the look that you want in machine quilting. It was my very first time to use a Handi Quilter machine, so my stitches weren't as smooth as I am used to, but it was a fun machine to try out and the Handi Quilter staff is amazing. The videos will be available later this summer, I'll be sure to share details as soon as I can.

Hope you're all having a happy week!


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