Custom Machine Quilting a Scrappy Quilt by Natalia Bonner

Kathy made this gorgeous quilt, it's actually only the third quilt that she's made, and she did a fantastic job!

Kathy sent me this quilt and asked me to custom machine quilt it for her, she gave me the go-ahead to quilt it however I wanted, but, it is going to be a gift for a special friend so she really wanted the quilting to be special.

I decided to machine quilt feathers in all of the X blocks, I knew that they'd create a beautiful pattern through the quilt and really dress it up a bit.

In each of the patchwork blocks I chose to machine quilt some point to point curves. I love that this pattern softened up those blocks a bit, but didn't take anything away from the the feathers. In the outside border I machine quilted a half feather. I love how this quilt turned out.

Thanks for letting me quilt your beautiful quilt Kathy!

Click here for more information about having me machine quilt for you, for more machine quilting tips and tricks check out my books; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting and Next Steps in Machine Quilting.


  1. You make quilts Sing! So Inspiring for all of us!

  2. Beautiful quilting and perfecto this top.... Love it!

  3. Any chance of telling us the name of the pattern???? The quilting is superb

  4. Such a lovely quilt! The fabrics are so pretty, and your quilting enhances the quilt to perfection.

  5. The name of the quilt pattern is "Good Night Irene" and can be found online at the Missouri Star Quilt Company

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS . . . piecing and quilting! WOW!!!


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