Quilt Festival - Fall 2015!

Have you all heard the buzz about International Quilt Festival? If not, you're really missing out! International Quilt Festival is held each year following Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, and this year is going to be another great year!

Wavelength (55” x 77”) by Rebecca Bryan. From the special exhibit “Modern Quilt Guild 2015.”

So, what is International Quilt Festival......

This year at International Quilt Festival there will be almost 1,500 quilts and textile pieces on display. International Quilt Festival strives to select quilts and exhibits that will represent a variety of styles and that demonstrate the growth of quilting, trust me, it's worth seeing! :) 

International Quilt Festival/Houston
October 29-November 1, 2015
Classes start on 26

International Quilt Festival offers 450+ classes, you can check out the complete list of classes here

You can purchase tickets for International Quilt Festival here.

Here are a few of the amazing quilts you can expect to see at International Quilt Festival.

Treasured Past (16” x 47”) by Sarah Bell Smith. From the special exhibit “Fabric Trail.”

Now You See Him… (40” x 56”) by Cat Larrea. From the special exhibit “SAQA: Wild Fabrications.”

Far Afield (75” x 92”) by Timna Tarr. From the special exhibit “In the American Tradition 2015.”

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  1. I will be there! I haven't missed a single year since they were in the Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston. I have watched them grow. It is fabulous and you need more than one day to soak it all up! Will you have a booth? I looked through the post and didn't see that, but maybe I missed it.


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