Sewing for Kids - Simple Pillowcases

As I child my siblings and I had Christmas pillowcases. I remember every year when we got out the Christmas decorations we would get out our Christmas pillowcases. I still remember what mine looked like! I really don't know why, but that pillowcase was/is one of my favorite Christmas memories. 

At Halloween time I made my kids matching Halloween pillowcases, you can check those out over on Instagram, they loved them. They showed them to everyone that came to our house, so at that time I decided it would be fun to make them Christmas pillowcases. They actually wanted Thanksgiving pillowcases too, but I thought that was a little extreme, maybe next year.

Anyways, last week I picked up these darling Riley Blake Christmas fabrics at my local quilt shop, Quilted Works. I wanted to make their pillowcases with coordinating fabrics to eliminate fighting, I'm sure some of you can relate. :)

I used the Crafty Gemeni's YouTube tutorial to make the pillowcases, I know, I've made enough of them that I shouldn't need a tutorial, but it's just a nice little reminder. :)

Oh, and I tried really hard to take a good picture of my kids....this was the best they could do! 


  1. I have made my grandchildren pillowcases, but have never thought of a themed one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the video. I have the written instructions for this case and seeing it done visually makes so it's so easy. Your children are so cute!


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