Recycled Quilt

**This is for you all of my fellow quilting marathoners! **
I got mine all pieced and quilted.
When we had our quilting marathon we decided to make a circle quilt. I wanted mine to be the "Recycled Quilt". Everyone had to bring circles, just random sizes and prints. Since it was so random I decided to not purchase any prints. I used all scraps. The circles are all appliqued on and then I added the saching to finish it off. To go with the recycled theme I used the Quilters Dream~Green~ Batting. This particular quilt used eight recycled plastic bottles to make the batting. I had so much fun and will always look at this quilt and remember the great memories. There are prints from dresses that my mom made for me as a child, prints from quilts we've all made, prints from projects and somewhere there is even a print from my mom's Brides Mades dresses. I cannot wait to see how you girls put yours together!

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  1. I just watched a issue of Fon's and Porter and they did a applique similar to this it was so cute. I love the circle quilting. You do so much I have no idea when you find the time! I love this quilt!


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