Wasatch County Fair

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. THE FAIR! I have always looked forward to this week and it's already here again. My mom & Whitnee entered a few quilts in the quilt show and they got blue ribbons on all of them! Whitnee made this one to match her new house, she started with a pattern called Zig Zag Shangri La (which you can buy on our website) and changed the borders and made it bigger to fit on her bed. She did a really good job! I was really impressed because the pattern says it's an advanced quilt and she's only made a few quilts before! Good job Whit! My mom was being really creative and decided to make this "Pumpkin Patch" quilt. She designed the pattern and pieced it. I quilted it and helped with the binding. It was fun to learn how to do the scalloped borders. Whitnee had made designed this pattern and pieced this quilt for Lexie. I think she did a really good job! Last but not least this was my mom's round robin 2008 for the Heber Valley Quilt Guild. She did the center block, then Kazuko King did the first border, Brenda Wilcox did the windmill border and Michelle Murdock did the last border. I think it turned out so cute!
Good job girls, now onto our "Winter Strips"! I am so excited for this project:)

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