Breaking the "Rules"

This fabulous quilt was made by Melissa. Melissa told me that she made this quilt about 15 years ago and it's just been hanging out as a UFO, I'm super honored that after all that time she chose to bring her quilt to me for the machine quilting. Melissa told me that I could machine quilt this quilt however I wanted, just have fun with it. I'm sure that traditionally this quilt was supposed to have some echo quilting around all of the applique and then probably cross-hatching in the body of the quilt. Well, I decided to break all of the traditional rules with this one!
I had a lot of fun machine quilting this quilt. I machine quilted swirls and clams in the borders. I love the way those two designs play together. Both of those designs are taught in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting. I machine quilted a feather flower and another block design in the body, I love how this quilt turned out!
Thanks so much Melissa for letting me machine quilt this fun quilt!


  1. You had fun breaking the rules! Looks great as always. See you very soon!

  2. Broke the rules? Looks more like a masterclass in really making a quilt sing! What lovely you job you did with this, I would have never believed this was a 15 year old top.

  3. Who needs rules? I don't and I'm glad to see that you don't either. This one is another stunner.


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