Hobo Quilt Completed!

Susan finished putting together her Hobo Quilt, it's so much fun to see others getting theirs done as well.

She brought it to me and asked me to machine quilt it for her.
We decided to quilt it similar to how I had machine quilted mine, so an all over straight line pattern was the perfect fit.

I think it turned out really nice, the quilting is simple enough that it didn't take away from the quilt itself.

Click here to see my Hobo Quilt or here to see all the Hobo Quilt blocks in the flickr group.

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  1. Again I am surprised how when the humble hobo blocks are put together in a quilt all of a sudden it makes such a nice looking quilt. Very nice job!

  2. I'm looking forward to the quilting. It is a cool looking quilt!

  3. Love that quilt and that quilting is perfect!

  4. ok i just stumbled across this hobo quilt pattern and have been lucky enough to find sets 1 through 6 then i found jan, march and a few others. now i am confused. are they 2 seperate quilts or do they go together seeing as i don't have a pattern. and if not how do i get the rest of the blocks to complete this quilt. can you help me with this. thank you so much. my husband is a BIG train hobbiest and i thought he might like a quilt like this that explains some of the history behind the rails. again thank you


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