Introducing Thrive - A Fabric Collection by Natalia & Kathleen for Moda Fabrics.

I have been dreaming for years, that one day I'd be able to have a fabric collection with Moda Fabrics. I've always said that maybe after both of my kids are in school, I'd have a little more quiet time and I'd be able to really channel some creativity towards fabric design. Well, later this year, both of my kids will officially be in school and our new fabric line, Thrive will be in quilt shops.

For years, my mom and I have been making quilts from mostly solid and tone on tone fabrics. We love the simplicity of that type of fabrics and also the ability it gives me to really show off my custom machine quilting.

Kathleen is great with color, most of my life she's been decorating homes all over Utah. Most of my childhood she owned a store called, Curtains in the Window. My siblings and I spent a lot of long hours there watching the ladies sew for my mom, and my mom decorate homes. So, when it came time to put our brains together and create a fabric collection naturally she picked the color palate and all of the patterns are my machine quilting designs.

I love that the fabrics are crisp, simple and clean. That's just the look I love. In both of our homes we have very neutral furniture, and add color with quilts, throw pillows and other fun simple accents. These particular colors happen to be perfect in both of our homes.

Along with yummy, simple prints the collection includes a panel. We love words, and positive thoughts, so of course we had to include those in the collection. The panel is broken down into 6 different positive quotes and also includes preprinted labels!

Over the next several weeks we'll be sharing ideas and inspiration for our fun fabric collection, but, the cute picture above is my little boy, holding one of the panels that we wrapped on a stretcher board. 

The collection also comes with a variety of precuts! I love Moda precuts, when the ladies over at Moda Fabrics asked us for a picture to go on the tags we had some pictures taken, most of them were pretty serious, but I have a hard time taking myself too seriously, so of course, there's a bit of personality, and I'm giving my mom bunny ears. :)

Last, but not least, to go along with our new fabric line there are coordinating solids, and six new, original quilt patterns. Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing each of those quilt patterns, and they will soon be available for purchase in PDF or paper format.

We are so excited about this fabric collection, and the opportunity to work with Moda Fabrics. We can't wait to see this collection in quilt shops this fall, and then see what all of your create with it.

Hop over to the Moda Fabrics blog today to read more about our new fabric collection, Thrive.

Happy quilting!


  1. Those are beautiful colours. It looks like it would play nice with Zen Chic lines.

  2. What wonderful fabrics!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a layer cake or two...

  3. Beautiful Fabirc and a very cute Boy holding that Sign. Seeing him helping mom- makes me smile!

  4. So beautiful! I am very excited about this one and cannot wait to get my hands on it!

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful debut collection!!

  6. I was happy to see this news on the Moda blog the other day. Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to seeing this collection "live."

  7. way to go Natalia and Kathleen! would love to see the fabrics in full scale, especially the whites. Are they sending any to Heber?

  8. When I was younger I always wanted a craft/fabric store. So happy for you to make your dreams come true. Can't wait to see all the beautiful colors.

  9. Comgratulations,it`s great.So gorgeous fabric line!

  10. Gorgeous! Congratulatons! :)

  11. Oh man!! I need those low volume prints NOW!! I've been scouring fabric shops (in person and online) for (very) low volumes for a custom project I'm working on. I'm so sad they won't be available 'til Fall :/

    Big Congratulations to you and your mom!!
    ~ Tracy

  12. Congrats, Natalia! This is so exciting!

  13. Oh these are really so wonderful, Happy to see this stuff!


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