Block Exchange!

We are going to be hosting a block exchange! We need your input! We are thinking that we will have each person make five or ten 12" finished blocks to exchange. Would you rather exchange a chrun dash, a nine patch or a star block?

You can leave a comment on vote over on the right had column. Let us know!


  1. I am a fairly inexperienced quilter and would prefer the nine patch to be able to take part. I could probably handle the churn dash, but it would take longer. I've never done a block exchange and would be thrilled to be a part of it!!

  2. I have participated in several block exchanges and it is a good way to learn a different quilt pattern and polish up one's piecing skills. Any of those blocks would be fine but my preference is stars!

  3. I have seen some other block swaps done with 9 patches and the finished quilts and have loved them, I would probably be inclined to do 9 patches.

  4. Hi!

    I'm interested in the exchange. I posted on the Flikr page about colors. I can let you know in a day or two if I can participate or not. (Going back to work, having a new house and an 8 month old.. I might be too busy)


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