Fabulous Fall Quilt Contest Entries.

Here are the beautiful entries in our Fabulous Fall Quilt Contest. Help these ladies out by voting for their quilt in the left sidebar.

Entry #1

Here is the quilt that graces my California King bed every Fall. It’s pattern was my inspiration to start making quilts. It was on the cover of McCall’s Quilting October 2002, and I started it when I lived in California. Now I live in Pensacola, which is where I finished it, so I call it “Leaving California.” LOL! In the magazine it was called “Log Cabin Maple Leaf” I believe. It is backed with rust colored flannel – very warm on the cold nights we get here! Wendy P.

Entry #2

Autumn Medalian by Carole Howard

Entry #3

Witchin by Susan Barnes

Entry #4

Kristine's Garden by Susan Barnes

Entry #5 

I pieced the front from a kit, pieced the back with leftovers and scraps of other projects, then quilted it on the long arm at a store not far from here where the owner lets you quilt your own. The center of the back is HST from another project.
 Rosalyn Drew

Fall Quilt Samler by: Mary Jo Baird

Entry #8

Fall Quilt by: Rebecca Johnson
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  1. Dang it, I'm just a little too late with my gobble gobble. Maybe I'll be done with my figgy pudding quilt for christmas!

  2. Ohhh what a collection...sew timely as I am talking about fall links today on my blog...Now where is the left sidebar to vote???
    I believe #8 captures fall for me, if that helps...Great idea Natalia, I didn't even know you were having a contest? lol
    blessings madame samm


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