Lone Star Quilt

Jan pieced this beautiful Lone Star Quilt. 

I've never made myself a quilt this traditional but after finishing the quilting on this beautiful quilt I'm definitely adding a Lone Star Quilt to my bucket list!

Jan sent me her ideas of how she wanted the quilt machine quilted and then I had at it, and I have to admit, I love, love, love how it turned out. So below is a picture overload. Yes, I had to take a ton of pictures! :)

The quilt back turned out beautiful as well. :)

Thanks for letting me machine quilt your beautiful quilt Jan! I really love it!

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  1. Natalia if I ever want to get longarming done I will def go through you! You are so blessed with longarming skills!!

    I did a lonestar last year I believe;) It was tricky w/o the right template (I didn't know about that special tool. I finished it though and it is on my guest bed. So advice given...get the right tools first before you end up cussing it out:)

    Have a fabulous day:):):)

  2. You do gorgeous work! I LOVE that quilting! I'm saving my money.....

    Cheery wave from Bev


  3. Absolutely stunning!!! I love the flowers you put in it :) I made a lone star in January, Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quickly :)

  4. Beautiful! I love everything about this.

  5. What a gorgeous design! Loving the piecing of the star and the quilting really brings it to life =D

  6. Another fabulous quilt, it looks gorgeous! I really like the flower which looks like it's embossed(?)to the front, but what I really LOVE is how the back looks. Amazing!

  7. great design...love it! ~karen


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