No-Bind Simple Receiving Blanket Tutorial

Click below to see complete tutorial.

Materials Needed:
1 Yard chevron print
1 Yard coordinating grey print

First remove the selvages and then square up your fabric, make sure the two pieces are the exact same size. (fabrics vary in size so this step is very important.)

Lay the two pieces of fabric together, right sides together. Pin the two pieces together.

Sew the two pieces together about 1/4" inch from the outside edge. 

Leave a 6" hole in one side.

Use the 6" hole and turn the fabrics right side out. Then press all the way around all four sides.

Top stitch about 1/4" around the entire quilt. Top-stitching over the 6" hole to sew it closed.

After you have top stitched around the entire blanket move over about 1/2" and top stitch a second time around. This stitch is just to secure the blanket.

(For best results stitch three straight lines through the entire quilt, from top to  bottom. This will keep the quilt secure through washing)

Fabric shown in this tutorial is by Adorn It.

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  1. I love quick and simple! I need to make some receiving blankets for a new great-nephew that is due to arrive in November. I was looking through the stash to find some flannels that would work well together but I never thought about using cotton for both sides. Now I can take a second look at the fun fabrics I have been hoarding for just the right project :)

  2. How I love the idea of not having to bind a quilt! That process is what puts me off finishing them!
    Great mini tutorial =D

  3. Where did you get the fabric? I love it!

  4. thank you for this idea! I love it and I'm going to make a couple for a friend who is having a baby.


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