Simple Holly & Jolly Kitchen Hand Towels - a free tutorial

Okay, maybe Kathleen and I have gone overboard this year making Christmas decorations, but when they turn out this cute we can't stop!

Today we've got some simple kitchen hand towels for Christmas, and a simple tutorial to go along.
Materials needed for 2 towels:
1 Christmas Fat Quarter
Before you begin anything pre-wash and machine dry towel and fabric. Towels will shrink so you will want to pre-wash.
Download the Jolly and Holly embroidery file. Embroider the text onto the bottom right quadrant of the towel, keeping it about 6" up from the bottom of the towel.
Cut, from your fat quarter 2 - 6 1/2"x width of towel + 1/2"
Fold the fabric rectangle lengthwise right sides together. Sew using 1/4" seam allowance across the two ends, turn the piece right sides out and press.
Measure up from the bottom of the towel 5" mark a few spots and then lay your fabric band across the towel, as show in the image above. 
Stitch along the raw edge. 
Fold the now top edge down and top-stitch along the bottom edge and across the two ends.
That's it!
Hang in your kitchen and enjoy for the Christmas season!
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  1. Love this. I am going to have to make me some of these for Christmas gifts!

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