Teaching in North Carolina & Kentucky!

The last two weekends were busy for me! My husband and I traveled to North Carolina and then the next weekend we were in Kentucky. Teaching classes and sharing our quilts from Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting & Modern One-Block Quilts. We had so much fun, I think I'm finally recovered from it all! :)

 My first class after arriving in North Carolina was "Lattice" from Modern One-Block Quilts. I really love this quilt, it has the smallest pieces of any pattern in the book, so I think it's the most time-consuming, but the result, it's totally worth it!
We had a small class, this picture shows almost everyone in it. But they were awesome! They all finished several blocks in the class.
My second day in North Carolina I taught Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting in the morning and then in the evening shared about 30 of our quilts in a trunk show. It's always so much fun to share our quilts, but the most exciting part of the night, was seeing the ladies from my class that had gone home and made several more "Lattice" quilt blocks and then brought them back to share! I love them all!
North Carolina was gorgeous! The ocean was so pretty and I got to eat Crab Cakes while sitting on the coast! That's exactly what I wanted to do!
Thanks so much to the Quilters by the Sea for having me!

The next weekend we were in Lexington, Kentucky at Q-First in Quilting
Shortly after arriving we drove past this gorgeous barn with an awesome barn quilt. 
Now, some of you know that my family and I have an ongoing joke about "creepers," the people that would pull over in front of my parents home and take pictures, come to the door and ask about their home and so on. Well, when I saw this gorgeous barn I pulled a creeper move and totally pulled in their driveway to take pictures! I love this!!!
Then I found Q-First in Quilting, the store is gorgeous with lots of light and space to move around, not to mention tons of books, patterns and fabric! The first night in Kentucky I shared our quilts in a trunk show, the pictures above are a little collection of the photos that the girls from Q-First took and shared on Instagram. I mostly love the picture in the bottom left with Lauren in the middle of all the quilts! :)
 The second day in Kentucky I taught "A-Maze Me" from Modern One-Block Quilts! These ladies rocked the class! They were speedy sewers and I loved the color combinations that they all came up with!

Erin, was one of my students and finished her baby-size version of "A-Maze Me" I absolutely love, love, love the color combination that she chose for her quilt, and the idea to use the blue as the background, genius! I love it so much!
Last, but certainly not least! Laura, the owner of Q-First in Quilting had previously made this awesome version of "Chruned" pattern from Modern One-Block Quilts, I love her color choices! 

Thanks so much Laura, and everyone in Kentucky for having me! 


  1. Looks like you had some fun! Lovely blocks. I bet you are a delightful teacher.

  2. it was so fun to meet you and hang out! looking forward to more of it in the future.


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