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HMQS 2008

We are so excited for HMQS 2008! This year we have decided to design our own quilt for the show. This has been a very interesting process. The quilt has changed many times and I am so excited about the latest idea. Here are some pictures of our ideas. I will post a picture of the finished quilt in a couple of weeks, I'm so glad that we've taken these pictures along the way! First Idea; Black background with poppy's, really cute but we got a cuter idea! New Idea; red daisies! They look so happy!

The finished quilt will be so cute! Keep watching for more pictures!

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  1. So darn cute! I helped with one last year and it was so fun to see the idea of a quilt take shape. We changed ours a few times too. That is darling. I saw the fabrics and I am impressed with how well you are using them!!


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