I've joined in another Bee group, the V.I.Bees!
I'm excited about this group, the ladies are all cute ladies and have fun ideas.
Today I received my first batch of fabric in the mail, I was so excited about it I put everything down and made the first block for Cherie!
I think that it's pretty cute.

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  1. Very cute and different! How's the snow over your way? I hear you are getting hit pretty hard.....it's coming our way so it will be interesting to see how much we get tonight.

  2. WOW that was fast...I haven't even gotten my fabric yet!!!!

  3. Lovely! The geometric lines play so well against those fabrics!

  4. It is so cute. My fabric hasn't come yet either, but this makes me super excited for tomorrows mail :)

  5. how do you find these bees? i really want to join one, but i don't know where to find them!

  6. Yay! This makes me smile :) Thanks, Natalia!

  7. Thats a really cool block! I'm sure the recipient will love it!!

  8. Very cute - I like the block with the gray on the two sides. I feel like i am looking out a window into a garden.

    Angie - www.craftedAngles.com


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