Cowboy Quilt

One of my customers recently brought me this quilt and asked me to machine quilt something cowboy.
 So I quilted boots and hats all over the whole quilt. 
I think it turned out pretty cute.
She had some excess fabric so she asked me to make a few pillowcases to go along with the quilt.
So Kathleen helped me and we make 4 darling cowboy pillowcases.

I'm on the countdown, only 19 days to Christmas and about 20 more quilts to quilt by then! I can do it..... :)

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  1. Of course you can!
    The pillowcases are too cute. If only I had a little boy. lol

  2. Can you post a picture of the quilt....you know how I love western...........The cases are darling.

  3. WOW you are busy? Do you have a Statler Stitcher or something? There is no way I could ever get my designs to look exactly alike when quilting like that.

  4. With the designing and quilting you do, how do you have the time to bring life to so many others' quilts? You must be a super hero. Super heroes can have quilting powers, can't they? I too, would love to see the quilt - that is a cute quilting pattern. I love western quilts!

  5. Super cute, as always!! I can't wait to get to meet you at the sewing summit!

  6. Fantastically cute quilting! I would never have thought of those motifs! Cute and cute! And who wouldn't like those pillowcases? Now I want to go buy some "kerchief" fabric just to do them.

  7. Great job AGAIN , Natalia ! yes , please show us the front of the quilt , too . The pillowcases are very nice , so let's see it (PLEASE!) . as far as your quilting ; HOW DO YOU DO IT AND KEEP UP ?? okay ; I am done for now !

  8. Well if that isn't the cutest quilting I've seen in a long time! Did you do it all freehand? Cute pillowcases too!

    20 quilts in 19 days? No problem!


  9. Wow, I am so happy I got my quilts in earlier in the Fall (so unlike me!) but I must admit I am still binding the Snowmen. Tonights my Friendship group so it should be done.

  10. I will be sending you one more in the next couple of days..:) You are the best!


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