Machine Quilting- Answering Questions

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! Thank you to everyone who follows my blog daily and leaves comments. I love reading your comments and feedback!
I thought I'd just take a few minutes and answer a few of your questions before I announce the winner of the Spirit Layer Cake. 
Blogger Kathy@ Gone North said...
I too, would love to know how you got started?? & the cost of quilting, say a Queen size quilt?? LOVE your work... your patterns & choice of fabrics are fabulous!!
Just over three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I came up with this hair brained idea. I had never before seen a long arm machine let alone really knew what one was, I somehow decided to purchase a Gammill Premier machine and quit my full time job to pursue a career as a machine quilter. I charge by the square inch for machine quilting. 1.5 cents for all over patterns and 3 cents & up for custom machine quilting.     Sarah Craig said...What kind of thread do you use for quilting on your long arm?
I prefer to use So Fine by John Flynn for Superior Threads 
Blogger Aleisha said...
How did you decide which long-arm quilting machine was right for you, size, price, capabilities, etc.? I did a lot of research on the Internet and I really liked what I read about the Gammill machines. I chose the machine that I did based on the weight and size. I felt like with the larger Gammills I didn't have as much control.    Blogger   Krum Family said...How long did it take you to get so good? Watching your videos, it looks like you just whip through it without even thinking about what you're doing. You are awesome. Practice, practice, practice, I have been using my machine 40+ hours per week every week for the past 3+ years. Blogger    Merry Made Quilts said...My question would have to be what's your ultimate, favorite way to receive a quilt to be quilted? You open up the quilt that was shipped to you and say "ahh, they did it just right!"
Nicely pressed (seams pressed to one side, sorry don't love seams pressed open) & the backing and batting 4+ inches larger than the quilt top.
If you have a question about machine quilting feel free to ask, I'd love to help!
And now, onto the winner......
Blogger Fuschia said...
I'm with all the "how long did it take you to learn" and "is it as easy as you make it look" askers.
But also, how many quilts to do do a month?
And how do you stay so stinkin' thin and cute? Wait, that has nothing to do with long-arm quilting...or does it? ;)
I try to quilt at least one quilt per day, so I'd say on average I quilt 30-40 quilts per month.
And to answer your other question..... I need to go on a diet starting December 26th!!! :)

Fuscia, will you email me your mailing address and I'll get the layer cake shipped to you!
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  1. Wow, I had no idea you quilted so many quilts. At least one a day, hoolay!! And yet each one looks so individual and perfect. You really do amazing work!!

  2. Congrats to the winner!


  3. Congrats to the winner....darn it, I knew I should have said something about how thin and cute you are! :)

    I love reading your answers to everyone's questions...it's like a little peek inside your head!


  4. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I won!!!
    I was reading all the questions, and was excited that you answered mine...then I started shouting!!

    Thank you so much! :D

  5. Wow!! I learned a lot!! Very informative!! Thanks!

  6. Oh yeah ; NATALIA !! YOU LOOK MARVELOUS !!! Nice to read more about you . Are you done with your Christmas customers yet ? just checking ............

  7. Congratulations to the winner and thanks for all the long arm quilting info. I learned a lot from this contest.

    Happy Stitching!!!


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